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A great magician never reveals his secrets.

  I've done extensive research into this subject because I appreciate facts. I was not alive during the moon race and I never just accept someone's word for something although when I was young I did because everyone else said we went to the moon. I know what our government is capable of and we all know there are secrets that remain for years even while hundreds sometimes thousands of people work on these projects. I spent weeks investigating film footage, photography, and many other aspects of the moon race. It takes time, but the information is available. I don't rely on just 1, 2, or even 3 things for my opinion. All I know for a fact is that what people saw on TV, the photos,and have been taught by a government-run school system is a slight of hand magic trick.I believe that the Apollo program was a cheaply done fabrication so as to divert huge amounts of money to another top secret or several top secret programs. I am not a conspiracy person. I simply believe facts that I am able to judge for myself. Research, research, research is the key to knowing any fact. Have we gone to the moon? Yes, we have scientific equipment on the moon. Was it placed there by actual people? I find no evidence that any person has ever stepped on the surface of the moon? Have we tried to send someone to the moon? I don't know but I do not believe we have. Since all experiments are always carried out by animals before people I find it amazing that after some successful and some unsuccessful attempts to send animals into low space (although the furthest animals in space, 2 monkeys, was not very far at all only reaching 360 miles I believe, someone correct me if I'm wrong) we decided to just start shooting multiple men at a time to the moon with great success. I know it's hard for people to believe that something they have believed there whole life could be untrue, especially when everyone they love, respect, and admire has been telling them it is true. I ask you to simply put yourself in the position of someone a long time ago when the smartest people in the world, including governments, where teaching that the earth was flat and you would fall off if you went to far. How the idea that the earth was round was blasphemy. Just keep an open mind. Man is deceptive. Magic is slight of hand. We all know that you can't saw anyone in half, yet we sit in an audience and with our own eyes see it happen. If only the magician would tell us how he did it. He never will. He loses his power over us if he does. The magician is the government and we will never know how they performed the trick. Please forgive any spelling mistakes. I love you all.
Anonymous says2013-03-10T20:51:33.977
same person here responding to myself, i just wanted to add that i do understand the space race going on between the usa and ussr during the 20th century. i wasnt saying that the only reason for apollo was to divert money. i think it just conviently fit into the hole that the usa was in during the space race. it's not like we were blowing the ussr out of the water. we were doing really lousy competing with them. there space program was far more successful than ours. remember, it's magic. many things happen to divert your attention from the truth but they all work towards the goal, you beleiving the trick.
Anonymous says2013-04-03T17:42:45.837
Despite claiming to have done extensive research, your post seems to show ignorance of the Mercury and Gemini programs. In short, no we didn't go straight from animal testing to shooting people at the moon. As for the great success comment, it seems to either trivialize or be ignorant of the 8 Americans who died in tests during the transition of animal testing to landing on the Moon.
Anonymous says2013-04-17T21:20:23.843
I admire your thoughts, but respectfully, don't agree.
Anonymous says2013-05-19T16:39:12.440
Considering the space race... The USSR would have called the US out if they faked a Landing.
Anonymous says2013-05-22T01:53:13.150
The shadows are because of one lighting source. You don't see stars because if you did the faces of the astronauts would be bright white. Take your iPhone to a window, focus it on the window, what happens? The camera focuses and the picture is clear. Now focus it on the wall. What happens? The wall is now in focus and the window is bright white. You cant see the stars because they aren't focused on the stars. They are focused on the astronaut. If the camera was focused on the stars then the astronauts would be bright white. Why is the footage in "slow motion"? Because of gravity. There was not enough technology to edit the film into slow motion. In 1969 you could not edit film like you can today. You could edit 10 seconds of footage and play it backwards for 30 seconds causing a slow motion feel. However, the footage of Apollo 11 was 147 minutes long, which means it wasn't possible at the time to put it in slow motion. The government would not spend 20 billion dollars to "pretend" to send someone to the moon.
Anonymous says2013-06-23T18:49:55.377
I agree with everything you have to say, it all seems very logical. As for the comment above me, no disrespect intended, but yes I do believe the government would go to such great lengths to win the race for space.
rdeandebate says2014-08-06T14:35:21.720
"Extensive research" = "weeks investigating film footage" Not all that extensive, really... And you weren't alive during Alexander's campaign but it did happen. So did your conception, alas. You are at a nursery level of understanding concerning the space race, so I encourage you to keep investigating. But beware of letting agenda override common sense. Oh, and familiarize yourself with Occam's Razor. Good luck...
Mattster says2015-04-10T21:55:21.747
In order to fool both the world and its own people, the United States government would have had to rope thousands of people into a global conspiracy,costing billions. Far easier going to the Moon, which is of course what they did.
Mattster says2015-04-11T01:07:07.457
You don't see stars simply because there to faint and the Sun is to bright, for example:
Can you see stars at daytime apart from the Sun?

Yeah I didn't think you would see any.
pi3.14 says2018-01-29T01:37:33.927
There are foot[rints on the moon. You can't fake those.
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