• Yes, it appears it was

    Yes, it looks like the 1985 NBA draft lottery was rigged. Now that we know a lot about what happened during that time, and with our knowledge of ways that we can rig things, it seems like the draft was absolutely rigged for one reason or another. I have no idea why, but I'm sure there was a reason.

  • Yes

    With today's knowledge of how things can be tricked and altered, if we go back to the 1985 NBA lottery draft you can tell it is obviously rigged. Many of the players already had a "dream team" and a team where they wanted to go, and that team wanted them too, but, it is no coincidence that they went there.

  • Yes, the 1985 NBA draft lottery was rigged.

    There is now very good video evidence to support this claim. In 2007, an unedited version of the 1985 draft surfaced, revealing a very questionable loading method. The person that drops the envelops into the cage before selection very specifically puts a crease in one envelop by pressing down hard on the cage. Once the draft begins, the first envelop that gets selected is done so by passing on a few and shuffling around. The person selected is looking for the creased envelop. Once the specific envelop is selected, he never looks into the cage while selecting future envelops. Very obvious hoax.

  • The 85' Lottery Was Rigged

    Everyone knows that the 1985 NBA Draft was rigged. Patrick Ewing was going to New York and there was nothing that could be done about it. It was too much of a coincidence that he went there in my opinion. I think all NBA drafts are rigged and this was just one of the more obvious examples.

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