• The 2012 election was definitely a victory for women.

    Yes, the 2012 election was a victory for women. Mitt Romney was going to cut funding for Planned Parenthood which has many more services for women other than just birth control. He had also wanted to abolish abortion which is taking away a women's choice. With Obama winning the election, women get to keep all their rights and still have access to Planned Parenthood in the event that they don't have insurance or can't afford those services.

  • Yes, the 2012 U.S. election was definitely a victory for women. President Obama and the Democratic Senate will respect and protect women's rights.

    The 2012 U.S. election, which returned Barack Obama to the White House and saw the Democrats retain control of the Senate, was a victory for women. Obama respects the fact the women are fully adult and autonomous human beings who ought to have full control over the decisions that affect their health, especially reproductive decisions. This means that women can make the decisions that are right for them in this regard, and not have the decision made for them by someone else who has decided they know best. In addition, Obama and the Democrats made sure to prioritize and pass the Lily Ledbetter Act which broadens a woman's right to challenge unequal pay in the workplace. These are some of the reasons that I think election was a victory for women.

  • YES... a woman's life should consist of more

    I do believe that the election was a victory for woman's rights. The mentality displayed by the Governor Romney was that women should be responsible of making sure dinner is prepared and that domestic activities are much more important than workplace in regards to women. The idea that women should be let out of their jobs early so that the may get home sooner to take care of children and dinner is absurd.

  • Yes, the U.S. election is a victory for women. It is my belief that the Republican candidates had little to no concern for women's rights or choices that should be delegated to them and them alone.

    From Akin's less than admirable public comments to Romney's unabashed statements regarding what women should and shouldn't be doing with their bodies, it is clear that their goals do not match those of the female demographic. President Obama has stated that the choices women make regarding their bodies are theirs alone, a solid, logical stance on the issue.

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