Was the 2013 British National Party campaign a success?

  • Yes they gained support

    Yes, the British National Party campaign was a success, because the did what they set out to do and got many citizens to back their ideas and values. Because of this they will get more votes when it comes around to election time, which is what any party is looking for.

  • Yes, but probably not the way they wanted.

    Yes, the 2013 British National Party campaign was a brilliant success. Just, uh, not in the way that they were hoping for. Thanks to the coverage they received in 2013, more people are aware of what a bunch of hate filled, bigoted, violent crazy people they are. They self marginalized.

  • BNP Campaign Successful

    In many ways, the 2013 British National Party campaign was a success for that particular organization. The party made some fairly large gains throughout the country and even surprised in other areas. The British National Party continues to gain steam, and its critics should take note of that fact today.

  • As much as I hate the BNP....

    I'm going to say this. I absolutely hate the BNP, but there success should not be ignored. They have done well in the European Parliament side of things, and have garnered enough right wing populist votes for further their movement. With Nick Griffin stepping aside I don't see that weakening them.

  • They had a clear message.

    The British National Party campaign was a success in 2013, because they carefully took the time to set out a clear message. Nick Griffin said that the would step aside in 2013, that left a power vacuum. Personally, I am not a fan of the BNP because of their open criticism of Israel, but their agenda is clear.

  • Just Two Seats in Parliament, More Woes

    The British National Party has just two seats in Parliament and has had many setbacks in recent months. A recent donation left by an ex-pat's estate was adjudged to be illegal. The United Kingdom Independence Party has rivaled the BNP's far-right policies and has won more political acclaim. Nick Griffin, the party's leader, went bankrupt in early January 2014. The BNP had a bad year in 2013 leading up to 2014.

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