• Not even gonna leave an argument for this one haha

    It was my first election I was eligible to vote in, And as a result, I was heavily invested in the results. While I have found my individual evidence across numerous sites, These is the site that has compiled the information best.

    Just gonna leave this here (I know the auto formatter might screw with links but you can find this site through searching too):

    https://hereistheevidence. Com

  • Elections were Rigged

    Biden never held any worthwhile rallies, Except to a few liberal reporters. He was always in his basement. He knew he didn't have to hold rallies or even debates because he knew he was going to bed. I stayed up until the early morning and went to bed after a big lead by Trump but woke up to something very unlikely, Biden won? ! ? Kamala Harris knew she was going to be the vice president of choice because they discussed this at her house over dinner a year earlier. That was no surprise. But for Biden to win was astronomically impossible!

  • It Was Rigged By The Bear

    There is clear evidence the Kremlin fixed the election through espionage why violated the espionage act which prohibits countries from spying on America for any reason Trump won through the help of Russian spooks which is not acceptable the bear influenced the election its the cold war again just great

  • Rigged election confirmed

    Democrats hid trump votes in many states. Biden just doesn't want trump to keep being president. Biden has rigged the election by making democratic vote counters hide and trash republican votes. Where is the freedom of our speech. Where did our choice to vote republican go? This is just one of the many evils democrats have done now and in the past and perhaps the future.

  • It was too perfect

    Right at the same time in the night, All of the trump votes stopped coming in and only democratic votes came in showing a straight line up on the graphs, This was too perfect a plan, It defiantly shows the falseness of it all. Not to mention the voting machines were from VENEZUELA of al places.

  • Trump really won!

    They didn't let in watchers while counting balots, Only later. At one point they covered the windows. They received more mailing ballots than they sent out. People received 10 balots, My neighbor. They changed laws in ways they weren't able to. So yes, Trump really did win and there was fraud.

  • Trump won!

    They didn't let in watchers while counting balots, Only later. At one point they covered the windows. They received more mailing ballots than they sent out. People received 10 balots, My neighbor. They changed laws in ways they weren't able to. So yes, Trump really did win and there was fraud.

  • Yes it was

    The Republicans won the rust belt and swung Florida, But didn't win the election? Give me a break.

    In deep red states that kept away the BLM and Antifa riots, Individuals came out in droves to vote for the Democrats that have polar opposite ideals to these states; because of such huge 'dissatisfaction' of the Trump government, But in deep blue New York, Democrat support plummeted?

    Nothing about this election makes sense.

  • I believe the 2020 election was rigged.

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    (I am merely asking the question)

  • No it wasn't

    When I was counting votes I MADE SURE to count in favor of the democrats, So there's not way it was rigged afterwards. If I sat there and counted in favor for the republicans, But the democrats still won, That would be rigged. So yeah, It wasn't rigged lol k?

  • Is This What GOP Comedy Looks Like? , (Typically Cruel and Unfunny)

    Let's try to think intelligently about this (stay with me Trumpsters)
    We just came through four years where a drop jawed moron cosplayed as President. , He really skated without doing much of
    anything, Unless tearing up the links at his golf/ country clubs counts.
    You don't have to uncover secret tapes of a hot mic
    recording him concerning the 2020 election results. He came right
    out and stated that "The only way we're going to lose this election is if it's rigged" Dumb and obvious? Yep, But that's Trump being Trump.
    Did anyone NOT see this coming? Did anyone think that Trump would accept a sound defeat with honor, Dignity and humility?
    NO WAY. , Not the same guy who could never see a reason to ask God for forgiveness. I would be less surprised to see my dog crapping on the toilet than his concession speech. Trump has never possessed the qualities of a mensch. , He has the mentality of spoiled
    and entitled child.
    If you are still following this shameless, Cheap huckster in 2021,
    who stated to his biographer in 2015 that he hasn't changed since the first grade (and it shows), WOW, Do you need a reassessment!
    His presidency played out like an elaborate practical joke.
    Only it's no joke to all the COVID-19 victims and their families.
    He isn't responsible for the pandemic coming to the US.
    But many died who shouldn't have. , And that can be directed at one
    man's vanity and incompetence. As far as his "stolen" election claims
    it's all done for suckers who think he actually stands for something
    or anything beyond his own vain and selfish interests.
    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • It wasn't rigged

    Trump lost, Biden won! Trump was a true hypocrite who didn't give a crap about us. Some republicans are good, I'll give you that. Since Biden, Is already inaugurated, Here's why Trump lost. He didn't listen to the experts, Before getting COVID himself. Kinda shot himself in the foot. His speeches were like, Are you playing dumb? This is why I believe the election was not rigged

  • No good reason to think so

    Donald Trump said a few months before the election multiple times that he would not accept the results of the election unless he won. In 2016 he lost the Iowa Caucus and the Wisconsin Primary and what did he do? Claim it was rigged. People need to realize that Donald Trump has always been like this, Always claiming when things don't go his way, He claims it's rigged.

    What he has done after losing the 2020 General Election is just a pathetic excuse of him to try to explain why he lost. On top of that, Trump and his allies have lost all but one of the 60+ court cases contesting the election results. Even the one case he won had nothing to do with fraud, It had to do with a couple thousand ballots in Pennsylvania not being included in the official state count, Which wouldn't have changed Pennsylvania's results as Biden won by over 80 thousand votes there.

    Both Democrat and Republican judges, Judges Trump himself appointed, And even Supreme Court judges Trump himself appointed shot down everyone of his attempts to overturn the results of the election he lost.

    Maybe the problem is not that every judge in the country is rigged against him, But that Donald Trump is lying here.

  • No substantial evidence

    The Trump administration made up all these wacky claims to spur on their rabid cult followers but whenever they took these claims to court, They capitulated and basically just said "we got nothing, Please just give us money". It's laughable. Trump fans need to move on and accept democracy. Okay?

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