• Absolutely it is the best time!

    It is said knowledge is power and now this is all makes sense because the more knowledgeable humans got, the more powerful they became, acquiring resources and arming ourselves with every form of conceivable advancement that the changing times could bring. The pace at which the world changed after the middle of the 20th century might leave one astounded, because it was the time of opportunities and everybody who had the desire to be someone could achieve their dream.With the evolution of technology, businesses have got alot of help to promote themselves in every part of the world.
    The changes 20th century brought with itself has helped make tremendous changes in the world of business.

  • Yes, the 21st century is a good time for entrepreneurs

    I believe that this is the best century for entrepreneurs because of so much access and availability of information. All you need is a computer and the possibilities are endless for an entrepreneur of any age. There is so much information available on the public domain for people to take advantage of and become millionaires in todays age.

  • 21st Century Entrepreneurs

    The 21st century was good for entrepreneurs because of the introduction and acceptance of the world wide web. The online connectivity of supplying store goods as well as supplies and equipment helped entrepreneurs as well as established big businesses to span their horizons. The 21st century was good for entrepreneurs.

  • Definitely not agreeing!

    Even though we have these advanced technology, education, machinery, factories, etc. We as humans have needed natural resources to create all those things that we now use as an advantage, which means that us humans to create a better life means to destroy what supported humans in all the centuries that we have lived in. With this problem this also creates pollution and destruction to all natural resources as you can say this century can be the best or is the best but look up some information about deserts and see some deserts aren't even natural deserts, these deserts are created by humans from us wiping out a whole forest.

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