• It was peace time in America!

    In the years 1993 to 2001 America was at peace with the world. Clinton was president. With the exception of the sex scandal, President Bill Clinton was able to keep American people calm. There was not a lot of talk about guns and violence. Computers and cell phones (texting, skyping, facebook ect...) hadn't taken over human communication. When Bush entered office (before Clinton) violence, guns and terroist/war came with him. After Clinton another Bush ( the son of the first one) came and again he brought violence, guns and terroist/war. The 90's was good!

    Posted by: JRM
  • Yes for the 90's

    The 90's was the best decade ever thanks to many things. First the technology boom exploded in the 90's with inventions like laptops, cell phones and Internet. Also, the music generation brought us chart topping singers like Rob Thomas, Gwen Stefani and Beyonce. Boy bands were at an all time high in the 90's with groups like Backstreet Boys and NSync. Unemployment was low and the budget was balanced. Yes, my friends, the 90's was a wonderful decade and a era that is longed for again.

  • Yes it was

    Yes, I would have to agree that the '90s was the best decade ever. Here in the United States, we had Bill Clinton as our president at the time, we had amazing '90s cartoons and the Internet was the crazy thing that it has evolved into today. It was simply a better time.

  • The Technology revolution!

    This is the decade of great opportunities, I new industry (tech industry) is exploding on the scene. Very few times in history people have the opportunity to be fairly in the same level plane to start a new venture or business. The Tech boom of the 90s allowed many to do that. There were plenty of good times and jobs. It was a decade where you could dream of happiness and success and actually achieve it.

  • Last great decade before tech ruined us.

    I lived through 6 generations so far and I agree 90s for me was the best. Tech was just starting to get good, but no one was addicted or totally captivated by their devices. Friends, outdoor fun, stellar economy, peace time, great music and other pop culture. It's not hard to see why the 90s is so near and dear to everyone's hearts.

  • Last great decade before tech ruined us.

    I lived through 6 generations so far and I agree 90s for me was the best. Tech was just starting to get good, but no one was addicted or totally captivated by their devices. Friends, outdoor fun, stellar economy, peace time, great music and other pop culture. It's not hard to see why the 90s is so near and dear to everyone's hearts.

  • The 90's were just brighter

    The economy after the recession really started to improve. With software and technology becoming more available there were a lot of jobs being created. Most work places provided free training for it. With that training you were able to get raises or better jobs!! All of the music was wonderful. Whether rap, hip hop, rock grunge, or country. Going out was fun! You actually got to really party and have a good time. People would come up to you and say Hi! Yes some bad things happen. Yes there were wars and genocide. But the US was doing O.K. There are god and bad in every decade but the one we are in now has become really stressful. People don't trust anymore. But a lot of the music and performers are not that great. They sing a lot of stupid songs written for them by someone else. Yes that was done mostly in the 50's and early 60's until bands like the the Beatles, Stones, Aerosmith & Zepplin wrote and preformed most of their own songs. During the 90's that really happened a lot as well. The styles were just incredible. Rap was really about the real struggle of living life. Grunge made life meaningful at times. I think? A lot of great country music and performers came about. Not this stupid bro-country crap we have now. You can't joke anymore about anything. Everyone has an issue about something these days. Social Media is kind of really depressing. The news has become more like someones opinion.

  • 90s were a lot better

    Although not ideal. I think the ninties were a lot better than the present times.I see it especially in music where you had a great deal of different genres.Good pop,rock,dance,rap and other genres.I could find good song in any of these genres.Today,according to my opinion the whole music scene is crap.Completely faceless and soulles.Doesnt cause any emotions.
    Also,the people were not so much obssesed with techology and they had more time for each other,family and friends.We also enjoyed our freetime and respected other people.
    The only thing that is better than nineties is mens tennis because of appearance of Roger Federer,Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.I think when these champions retire mens tennis will loose on popularity and will never be the same again.
    We also had many good movies nad video games.It is not the case today.

  • 84% Brainwashed! No decade is perfect.

    You are obsessed with the 90s.
    You hate the 21st century.
    Because you miss childhood.
    No I'm not a 00s/10s kid, I was a child in the 90s.
    I watched Live & Kicking on BBC on Saturday.
    I was very little but I remember when Opal Fruits became Star Burst!
    I was only 2 years old when Marathon Bars became Snickers Bars.
    I remember Rosie & Jim and Tots TV
    I watched Fun House (Pat Sharp)
    Wacky! Fun! Crazy! It's outrageous! Fun House, a whole lot of fun prizes to be won.
    The Crystal Maze. (which is back)
    Dale's Supermarket Sweep.
    Spice Girls. Aqua. Another Level. Steps.
    But I was a kid and so were you everyone is just obsessed it not the greatest time.

  • Yes it was

    People were not glued to cellphone/computer screens and as, for teens I mean Friday nights rocked we went out and did things and we didn't have to worry about doing something stupid and some kid recording it and posting it to social media, the music was better than this decades garbege the tv shows were awesome, Friends, Freeks and geeks was my all time fave I feel sorry for the teens that are growing up now always on social media, glued to there phones lame tv shows 90s rocked

  • Childhood was fun (except for school)

    Not a care in the world.
    But in the 90s we were stuck with dial up internet, do you want to phone someone oh the internet is on, did everyone have a mobile phone? If not go to the phone box outside. I had toy computers.
    The 90s craze on the internet makes me wish I was an 80s kid.

  • The 90s on the internet is an obsession. Sorry no decade had ever been perfect.

    Most see the 90s as the best time because they where little kids (I was by the way) it was a time of innocence, not a care in the world all the things we do now are the things our parents did. Children of every decade will say the same thing. (I don't know why the noughties is so terrible. Every decade had a disaster, just different. Come on dial up had gone, dvds are better than having to rewind your video.)
    I have seen people on forums being attacked if they say they are a 2000s kid or say anything bad about the 90s. That is an obsession.

  • 90's is not the best decade

    While I disagree that 90's was the BEST decade, I do believe it was ONE OF THE BEST. However that is not what the question is. The 90's was a good decade in the way that it was the most developed decade without being overrun with technology. The 90's was more real, down to earth and a more social and fun culture. Although there wasn't really anything in the 90's that stood out from other decades. For example music was good but wasn't much different from the 80's or early 2000's and technology was also similar to the 80's. Therefore 90's was a good and fun decade but definitely not the best.

  • 90's teen says no

    As far as entertainment, it was lousy. Band most associated with it was Nirvana, done by 1994. Biggest tv show was Seinfeld, show about nothing. Movies became Cgi fests with little substance. I was a teen during most of it and remember the increase in school violence, garbage political correctness and the knowledge that I would be worse off than my parents financially during adulthood.

  • The 90s wasn't the best decade

    I believe this question is based on one's opinion. For me I think the best decade is the decade we are currently in because we have the latest technology that we have ever had and we are able to have the freedom of the moment. Instead of thinking about the past, we see ourselves in the present.

  • No, the 90's was not the best decade.

    If the question had been, was the 90s a good decade, my answer would be different. The 90's were so peaceful. We weren't at war, the music was "clean," and kids weren't killing other kids. Although, we did have the Columbine shooting in 1999. Since the question was, was the 90's the best decade, I have to say no, I think the 50's beat them completely. Families ate to dinner at a table, they watched TV in the den, they had block parties and went on vacation together. The family unit was so much stronger.

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