Was the after show even more exciting than the finale of 'Secrets and Lies'?

  • Disappointment and confusion mar season finale of 'Secrets and Lies'

    The first season of the ABC drama 'Secrets and Lies' came to an end with lots of hype but little delivery. The plot was thin and confused with obvious holes, late introductions, and 'secrets' the viewer didn't even know about! The attempt to clarify with the awkward web/app addition didn't work with the viewers and seemed manipulative by the producers.

  • 'Secrets and Lies' heats up after finale

    The fans of the popular ABC show probably were glad they didn't grab their remote and shut off the television immediately after the finale. In a very unique fashion, an extra clip was shared with the audience and it was 14 months later. Giving some explanation of what might happen in the future, the viewers see it's Natalie's 18th birthday and she makes a heart stopping decision in her life.

  • After Show More Exciting than 'Secrets and Lies'

    ABC drama 'Secrets and Lies' was not as exciting as the after show was within the past few days. The newer television show has been dealing with unpopular ratings and possible cancellation. Viewers have not been very impressed, and the fate of the show is up in the air as of now.

  • The show is more exciting because its the reason for the party.

    After weeks of people tuning in the finale let the viewers know who the killer was. If you do a Google news search there are far more results for the the show itself then any after party talk. The show has been written up to be a real thriller that kept people on the edge of their seats.

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