Was the Alaska reporter who quit her job for marijuana justified in doing so?

  • Public protest is the key to democracy.

    The idea of proportional representation is a flawed concept overall so public protest and public publishing of opinion is an important part of correcting the actions/decisions of the politicians. Unfortunately, the stoners standing outside the government buildings doesn't always give the right message for the pro side and doesn't get much notice. Stunts by people who are widely visible and listened to, to promote the opinions of the people are very important, making her announcement on television a perfect means for peaceful protest.

  • Yes, the reporter did the right thing by quitting to support marijuana.

    The reporter in Alaska who quit on air to announce that she will work to support marijuana legalization did the right thing. Instead of talking dispassionately through a story that she had an impassioned opinion about, she chose to use her platform to speak out. TV is very influential, and at the peril of her own career, she used the medium to advocate for what she believed in.

  • Resignation as a mean of protest

    It is understandable for people to fight for what they believe in. The Alaska reporter believed strongly that allowing the use of marijuana in her state is more important than keeping her job. The resignation was simply a mean of protest that is justifiable. Furthermore, resigning on live television was more resounding than any other mean of protests she had access to.

  • Applaud the Reporter that Quit her Job

    I think it was very admirable of the reporter to quit her job although I don't necessarily agree that it should have been on national live television. She clearly believes in the medicinal values of marijuana but she also understands the repercussions and implications this can lead to when working in a public setting.

  • Alaska Journalist Action Not Justified

    Charlene Egbe, also known as Charlene Green, was not justified in her on-air departure in the manner she used. The professionalism and level of ethics that we hold our reporters to should not be waived on any account. The fact that she was the owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club should have been disclosed, and any reporting should have been completed by an unbiased person.

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