Was the American 'Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' better than the original?

Asked by: Babeslayer
  • I liked the swedish version better.

    Noomi Rapace’s performance made the Swedish version of the
    girl with the dragon tattoo a classic movie in my opinion. She was a joy to watch, and she was believable
    in every aspect. Originals are usually
    better in my opinion, and it is sad that the American version was a tame copy
    of the first film.

  • I'm probably in the minority here, but yes.

    Now I may be biased here because I've never read the book, so I don't know which one's a better adaptation. People who say it was worse because it wasn't as true to the book, hear this. Movies don't have to be 100% based on the book. If a filmmaker- especially one with such up-roaring talent as David Fincher- wants to take his film in his own direction, he should be allowed.

    My main argument for not liking the Swedish version as much is it's ending. Nothing was explained, and I was left unsatisfied. People always respond to this with "Well, you haven't read the book, you have to read the book." There's it's primary fault right there. If a film is dependent on the book it's based on for gaps in the plot and boring endings, then It'll take away from my enjoyment.

    The US version doesn't do this, everything gets tied up by the end. But people were a little mad about this, because apparently it shows a bit of the start of The Girl who Played with Fire. I didn't mind this at all. If a filmmaker won't constrain himself to a book and actually give his audience a film that would be amazing on it's own- which it certainly is- it ends up being a better movie.

    But here's why I like the US version more, more so than anything else I've mentioned. Rooney Mara's performance. While I liked Noomi Rapaces performance, I thought it was good enough, Maras performance was spectacular. In the Swedish version, Lizbeth just seemed like this megabitch and was very unbelievable as a character. But Rooney Mara delivered a socially challenged girl with violence issues. She got everything spot-on, right down to the speed of her walk. She was a relatable character and made me enjoy the film.

    (No, I don't know which one was a more accurate portrayal, I thought we established I wouldn't care.)\

    I loved the US version, but I thought the Swedish version were just ok. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against foreign films, I just didn't like this one.

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