• Can not land a single rocket propelled wheicle

    NASA built a prototype landing craft for astronauts to practice on Earth. Armstrong tried to fly it but within minutes lost control and had to catapult to save his life. (easy to find video on youtube) Nobody flew it again.
    Also the electronics, computer and digital technologies were not advanced enough, we are just getting there these days (2018).

  • Of course it's fake

    The US was desperate to beat the USSR in the space race even if it meant having to fake the moon landing. The Van Allen Belts are highly lethal and There's unedited footage showing the astronauts staging everything. If it's so easy then why haven't we gone back there yet?

  • Rotary phone calls from the Moon!

    Rotary phone technology on the moon!

    Remembering cars from the 1960s (yes I am that old) I think they brought a tool box for repairs. It is a miracle that they made it that many times. Have faith people. Pray that soon we will soon go back to the moon. Shouldn't be that hard or maybe it is. Open your mind to truth, don't be afraid.

  • Nope, it's Real

    I mean, we have pictures and videos. I was talking to my friend about it, and we realized that someone would of said something. I mean, the astronauts, NASA people, AND the government people couldn't all keep a secret, can they? No, just no. After all this time, someone would of spilled.

  • Ha ha ha

    Sure, and the repitilians have infiltrated the government, the illuminati own the media, bush did 911, and hitler is still alive.


    Im sorry, this is a bit of a silly question, so please understand why I got riled up, no, the moon landing is NOT a hoax.

  • OH my wizards wheezes, are we really discussing this?

    I don't need a supporting argument for this, really, lets not even grace this question with logical reply, its like telling a christian he has no proof for god yet he keeps pointing at his bible. We have the proof its up to the accuser to supply me evidence. Thanks for the laugh

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