Was the Apollo moon landing fake: Does the fact that there were no stars in the background mean the 1969 moon landing may have been faked?

  • It is FAKE

    I THINK THat it is fake because the globalists put chemicals in our water to make us think it was real if it was real we would have better ciggarettes and diseases are not real because i have AIDS AND i am not dead so thank you im going to go drink a melted tire now I love you all hail the reptiles

  • Fake or not, there should be stars

    That there are no stars in the background of the NASA moon landing video could be proof that the photo was faked. In many NASA photos and videos, there are stars litterred through the sky. Since the moon has no atmosphere, there should be millions of stars dotting the picture. At the same time, though, it seems like a pretty big mistake to forget stars in a video of outer space.

  • Real as it gets

    There is no real concrete evidence that the moon landing was faked and all of the conspiracies surrounding it have never managed to come up with one shred of decent evidence. The biggest problem with these conspiracy theories is not that they are not formulated by experts, but people at home assuming that cameras and the moon's atmosphere work differently than they actually do.

  • No it was not fake

    The Apollo moon landing was not fake. All the progress we have made since that time is proof enough it was not fake. The fact that no one person ever came forward with proof in over 50 years is more proof. To say there are no stars so it must be fake is just looking for any reason you can find to try to disprove it.

  • So thouroughly debunked

    The moon landing being faked has been so thoroughly debunked over the course of the past few decades that the idea that this myth is still around is absurd. There are no stars and starlight seen in the background because there is only a very thin atmosphere on the moon; the atmosphere of earth refracts the light of the stars, which is why we see them here, but the same can't be said for the moon.

  • No, you can't see stars from the moon.

    The fact that we can see stars from the earth has to do with many factors, including how the light of the stars plays against our surface and the reflection of the moon. On the moon itself, it is very possible that you would not see the light of the stars.

  • It would be very difficult to suppress the truth about a faked moon landing.

    Although the theory that the 1969 moon landing was faked is popular among conspiracy theories, it would actually be very difficult to keep such a conspiracy secret. Such a faked event would involved dozens or even hundreds of people. The sheer probability of keeping that many people silent about the truth for so long is very minimal.

  • No, The Apollo Moon landing was real and there was no fraud or conspiracy. It really happened.

    The Apollo Moon landing was real and there was no fraud or conspiracy. It really happened. Your inability to see the stars is a natural occurrence. Standing in a well lit place and looking out and you can't see light objects. The same reason that you don't see the stars during the day. The stars are still there. They don't ever go to sleep. You just can't see them because your standing in daylight.

  • Most people don't understand why there are no stars

    Here are a few common reasons why people think the moon landing was faked and why they're wrong
    1. There are no stars in the background- When the astronauts landed on the moon, they landed on the side that was facing the sun. Because of the moon's extremely thin atmosphere and the astronauts suits, the pictures of the moon landing are bathed in large amounts of sunlight that reflects off the surface and the astronauts suits. The camera's NASA were using were not good enough to pick up the faint background light of the stars with so much light in the foreground of the picture.
    2. The lunar landing module and other objects on the surface have different shadow directions, suggesting more than one light source- These shadows are in different directions not just because of the camera's perspective, but also because of the different angles in the terrain. Don't believe me, check William Ian Goddard's test where different sized objects could have shadows going in different directions from only one light source.
    3. Why does the US flag appear to flutter- The flag was made with special fibers that would cause the flag to "wave" for a little while after being unfurled.

    There are many more moon landing conspiracies out there, but I haven't found one yet that can't be explained in a realistic manner. Finally, some people say the moon landing was faked to help win the Cold War. However, if we faked the landing, do you really think the soviets wouldn't have known about it being a fake? Their scientists were as good as ours. If it was fake, scientists around the world would have called the US out on it.

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