Was the Apollo moon landing fake: Does this prove the moon landing was a hoax?

  • Man on the Moon is a Hoax

    Hi I'm Natasha and I'm 13 years old I think that man landing on the moon was a hoax there is low gravity up there which means there could be no wind so explain to me why the flag was waving and had a rippled effect.
    An other point is that there is a rock supposably on the moon with a letter C engraved on it meaning CREW I think explain that.
    Also the camera's the astronauts used had layered cross-hairs in the lens but in some images and video footage the cross-hairs where behind objects which could not be scientifically possible if the cross-hairs where in the camera lens.
    Also might I add that in the photographs that where taken from the moon looking at Earth and there is no stars in the pictures, you can get photos of stars from earth so why isn't there any stars in the video footage and in the photos.
    Multiple light sources is another point that is straight forward. The moon only has 1 light source The Sun and in video footage and photos there are shadows of different objects pointing opposite/different ways which indicates more than 1 light sources when the moon only has 1 light source.
    Hope I explained some things too some people.

  • It was a Hoax

    Hi, I'm Destiny and I'm 43 and it definitely was not real girl. I read this thang on facebook that sez that the computer on the rocket ship was less powerful than my cell phone. My cell phone doesn't work even if I put a new case on it.AND THERE WEREN'T EVEN COMPUTERS BACK THEN. I got my first computer in 1998. I just read that the landing happened in 1769. There is noo way that that thang got all the way up there and didn't crash with a computer less powerful than my cell phone that didn't exist
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  • It was real

    Many people think the the moon landing was a hoax but I'm not one of them. People are entitled to their own opinion and that's fine but there is substantial evidence that proves that Apollo 11 did land on the moon. The most controversial piece of evidence is the flag waving on the moon but lets face it, there is no atmosphere up there so once the flag was given the momentum to place it in the lunar soil, it would have nothing to stop it from waving.

  • Apollo Moon Landing Was Real

    Despite what conspiracy theorists say, the Apollo moon landing wasn't a fake. The United States would have gained nothing by faking this event. Various people have proven the legitimacy of the landing over the years, and this case should be put to rest. Over four decades have passed since then after all.

  • Moon Landings Were Real

    Scientists can prove the moon landings were real by reflecting a laser off a reflector placed on the moon in 1969. People at Cape Canaveral saw Apollo 11 take off into the atmosphere and witnessed the return trip when the capsule splashed down. The astronauts aboard Apollo 13 were in peril when an oxygen tank exploded en route. Three men died on the launch pad in Apollo 1 when their cabin caught fire. These were real events and not faked.

  • No, it was real.

    No, the Apollo moon landing was not a fake, because it really happened. The technology that was available at the time was astounding, especially considering that it was the sixties. The public can tour the control room and see other evidence that the moon landing really happened. They can also talk to witnesses and those worked on the project. There is ample evidence that it really happened.

  • The Apollo moon landing was real

    As long as there are people there will be doubters questioning the validity of any major event. This is a good thing and should be encouraged. Doubters should also be willing to accept evidence the event actually occurred and move on to other things.
    The Apollo moon landing actually occurred and there is much evidence to prove it did. This evidence is available from many different sources and is free to read and use.

  • We landed on the moon

    The moon landing was not fake. Nothing proves that we did not land on the moon. The flag does not wave because there is no wind in outer space. All of the conspiracy theories that try to prove that the moon landing didn't happen have been debunked by science again and again.

  • No, I do not think so.

    I do not think the moon landing was a hoax. The Apollo made it to the moon and landed on TV for so many people, it was a huge event in history. I do not think it was a hoax at all, it would end with too many conflicts if they lied to the whole country like that.

  • It was real

    No, I belive the Apollo moon landing was real, who would go through all that to be a hoax no I belive it was real and everything about the landing was real, it was a wonderful event of history to see man walk on the moon, very real in my opinion.

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