Was the Apollo moon landing fake: Is all the evidence brought back from the moon fake?

  • Lots of proof on website top 8 exaples why proving the moon landing was faked.

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  • I believe that anything is possible when it comes to theories about the Apollo moon landing.

    Our government has lied to us so many times that it's really difficult to decipher if the Apollo moon landing is fact or fiction. I'd personally lean more toward fiction since it'd be beyond easy for there to be falsified documents along with things brought back from the mission. Video could have also been tampered with. Since only a select few can and ever will venture into outer space, the majority of people will never really get proof one way or the other.

  • The evidence brought back from the moon was not fake.

    Evidence of the moon landing was not fake. Scientists have proven that the evidence of the moon landing was indeed genuine. Moon rocks brought back from the moon have a unique geological structure that is unline anything found on the surface of the Earth. These rocks prove that humans traveled to the moon and back.

  • No, the Apollo moon landing was not fake.

    No, the Apollo moon landing was not fake. There is much more evidence pointing to it being real. Some people just really enjoy conspiracy theories, and some people are very gullible and easy to convince of these theories. It's been that way for many years and I'm sure it'll be that way for many more years to come.

  • No, it was real because there were witnesses.

    No, the Apollo moon landing was not faked, because there were a lot of things that came after it. Apollo 13 certainly wasn't faked. That nearly ended in tragedy. America's many fails in the space program prior to the Apollo moon landing was not faked. There is enough evidence around it to believe that it really happened.

  • It was real

    The Apollo moon landing was definitely faked. There is way too much evidence that proves that it was real. Plus there is no real benefit to faking the moon landing. Some will say it was to win the space race, but if it got out that it was faked for some reason, it would be really bad.

  • The Apollo moon landing was real.

    The notion that the Apollo moon landings were faked can be debunked simply by studying this point in history from the perspective of the Soviet Union. They observed NASA's moon landing operations quite intently from earth, with their own telescopes. If those landings had been faked, the Soviets would have made endless amounts of propaganda saying so.

  • No, that's absurd

    What an innocent time we lived in when faked moon landings were the leading conspiracy theories in this country. No, it still happened, sorry. I don't even really know what else to write here, the only evidence supporting this question is completely fabricated (irony, anyone?) and it's a subject that if you believe it you're too far gone to reason with, if you know it's a ridiculous thing to believe you don't need to go in depth to convince yourself.

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