Was the Apollo moon landing fake: Was the 1969 moon landing faked?

  • There are many reasons the US would have faked it

    It was a hoax. Along with other efforts at the time, the United States was desperate to get ahead of the USSR in the public opinion race. However, it is impossible that the US had the technology at the time to land on the moon. For example, the pressurization units on space suits were not powerful enough to sustain human life for long periods on the moon's surface. If the USSR, a country more technologically advanced than the US at the time couldn't do it, than the US didn't either when you factor the massive amount of evidence that the rcordings were bogus.

  • There is no proof

    The footage has many errors and mistakes with their hoax and punching someone for saying so just proves their point. I would like to know how they are real and find me some proof if you want to prove me wrong. But until then, I am saying it is faked.

  • 8 trips to the moon under one president and one vice president.Come on Watergate was not about a break in.

    Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew were the only leaders under all Apollo missions to the moon.When Gerald Ford became vice president , all Apollo missions were cancelled.The russians were on the hoax too for a price .The great wheat robbery ofv1972 and get this , Nixon the leader that was supposed to have beaten the russians on the race to the moon was welcome in russia in 1972. Sensing the heat from others countries on the real race to the moon, NASA will try to land a robot on the moon before 2018.And I forgot , no monkeys were ever launched to the moon to test the Van Alen belt.

  • Humans having landed on the moon is highly questionable.

    Yes, we've been to the Moon many times, but only with unmanned probes. There is an undeniable issue with safely getting humans onto the Moon, or even beyond a certain distance away from the Earth. This is why in all of the history of space flight, there has only been one isolated claim of sending humans beyond this distance, and that is with the claimed lunar landings. The Space Shuttle never ventured beyond a certain distance from the Earth for this very same reason. The reason is radiation, plain and simple. An aluminum can of a moon lander, so thin that you could kick a hole in it, certainly didn't provide technologies to overcome the radiation problem. The debate ends on this point alone, yet there are many, many other points that would discredit the notion that we've landed men on the Moon.

  • It was just part of the Cold War

    There is now evidence whatsoever, and there is probable cause to believe that it was faked. For example, the there is no record of reliable space suit technology that could have withstood conditions on the moon as opposed to low Earth orbit until 1978, 9 years after the landings took place. Also, the fact the USSR, a nation more technologically advanced than the US wasn't able to land on the moon when the odds for for them means that the chances that the US pulled it off are very low. Also, faking footage like that would have been very easy, and a dummy rocket could have been easily launched without anyone in it

  • America is a bubbling cauldron of lies with only more lies for seasoning.

    America has made a film about every momentus occassion in its history.Except the moon landing? So other countries would have ratted them out? Unless they were fooled also? Faking a moon landing and tricking everyone is far easier to believe than them going there,Its safer and cheaper. If they could do it in the god damn 60's then why hasn't it gotten any easier to go to the moon? All evidence for the moon landing could easily have been fabricated. Having geologists confirm moon rocks? They could be rocks NASA got with unmanned probes. Other countries using unmanned probes have gathered moon rocks this way also. An organisation smart enough to go to the moon but without the level of technology required would still be smart enough to properly fake a moon landing and get away with it.

  • I don't believe it!

    1. The furthest any manned space flight has travelled from the surface of the earth (excluding the supposed moon landings) is a few hundred miles, the moon is approx. 239,000 miles away from Earth! That's a round trip of 478,000 miles (and they got out and had a look around whilst they were up there!)
    2. Shadows on the photographs point to more than one light source
    3. The Lunar Lander could barely be landed safely on the surface of the Earth let alone on the Moon!
    4. 'Moon Rock' given to Holland by Neil Armstrong turned out to be 'petrified wood'!
    5. The Van-Allen belts - Alan Bean (Apollo 12 astronaut) didn't seem to know anything about them in a recent interview and didn't even know if they'd flown through them!!...Lol

  • It's impossible, besides the van Allen belt, the moon wouldn't even be approachable unless a craft constructed of gold or lead.

    The moon is a challenging place for human survival and equipment. There is no free water (except for the possibility of water-ice at the lunar poles), essentially no atmosphere and pressures of a hard vacuum (<10-6 mm Hg). There are severe temperature fluctuations, lethal radiation and a fine lunar dust that is a concern for lunar base activities. The terrain of the moon consists of common earth features including craters, mountains, ridges, and plains. Volcanic activity has long since ceased. Micrometeoroid activity is very prevalent. There is some seismic activity due to moonquakes (the largest ever recorded was an earth equivalent magnitude of 4). The designer of any environmentally-exposed component, structure or system must be aware of all the environmental stressors, and account for their effects by translating the environmental conditions to requirements in the systems engineering process.

  • This should be obvious

    The Government of lizard people staged the landing on the moon so humans will believe that they have more technology then they really do. The fact is, the moon itself is not even real and the sky does not really exist. The reason why most humans do not see these lizards is because of an experiment gone wrong with a human which was named "Justin Bieber". This experiment went so wrong that many people died from how hideous it was. This was a great blow to our race since our numbers were already very small to begin with. But now, the lizards have achieved a small amount of mind control and have managed to slightly control human beings into making us world leaders. DO NOT RESIST US OR YOU SHALL DIE!

  • The 1969 moon landing was not faked.

    There is abundant evidence that the moon landing was real. The astronauts brought back moon rocks which are unlike anything found on Earth. People who deny America landed on the moon are usually crazy conspiracy theorists. China and Russia have also sent robots to the moon, and no one denies these achievements.

  • It was real

    NASA would not have put that much work and money into it, just to fake it. All of the publicity, you people saw the rocket take off for goodness sake! Do you really think that they would do this, all of that work, into a hoax? Do you think there is some hidden rocket area somewhere in area 51? Get real people!

  • It was not

    There are many reasons why it was real and not fake. NASA spent more than $25,000,000,000,000 US dollars on the Apollo missions which is 29,911,466,000,000 NZ dollars. If NASA were faking the moon landing why would they spend all that money to fake a moon landing. Most of this money went towards designing and building .

  • Real as it can get

    Although there are plenty of reasons for there to be conspiracy regarding the 1969 moon landing, as it stands there is absolutely no proof that we didn't land on the moon. If the video was so fake or so doctored, why stop at the moon? Why not go to Mars? That would show the Soviets! The whole thing is ridiculous.

  • The 1969 moon landing was not faked.

    The 1969 moon landing was not faked. There are the possibilities and the theorists that believe that this could have been faked. I do not believe that this happened and I think the men and women put themselves in danger to do this mission. They did their jobs and should not have to prove it to anyone.

  • It Was Real

    Given our technology at the time, I do not believe there is any reason to believe that the moon landing was faked. It widely known that Russia and the U.S. were in a war and competing with one another. The space program and it's feats were one of the benefits of that time and they were well capable of landing on the moon.

  • No it wasn't.

    There is no credible evidence that the Apollo moon landing was fake. There are a few conspiracy theorist that believe that it was fake, but there is not any real evidence. Anything is possible, but I do believe this moon landing was real. I think if it wasn't we would have found undeniable evidence by now.

  • No, it was real.

    The Apollo moon landing was not fake. For one I just do not feel like we were that advance in 1969 to successfully pull of something on that huge of a scale that is fake and not the vast majority would not notice. That just seems silly and feels like a stretch. It was real.

  • Have faith for god sake

    I for one actually believe that the government didn't lie to us about this and actually want to feel pride in the fact that we landed on the moon. If you really don't think we did go to the moon and check for an american flag ok!!! Oh my god.

  • The moon landing was real.

    One of the largest pieces of evidence is based on science: it is the fact that we have moon rocks that have microscopic craters in them, these craters are so tiny that they could only form in the vacuum of space with small particle of dust hitting the surface of the moon.

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