• The Arab Spring was Successful.

    The Arab Spring was not a complete success, but it was more of a victory than a failure. The A.S. Fought, in most cases successfully, against social, economic and political injustices.
    One example of this was when, Egyptian protesters took to the streets against Hosni Mubarak, whose rule was characterized by Police brutality and the suppression and repression of Civil and Political Rights, on January 25 2011. Three weeks later Mubarak stepped down as President of Egypt.
    Even if this, and the many other examples, aren't seen as success, then the fact that it brought such atrocities into the Public Eye can be deemed as a success in itself.

  • Yes, the Arab Spring was a resounding success.

    The Arab Spring was successful in orchestrating better economic and living conditions, and fighting against social problems. One example of the Arab Spring working was in Egypt. January 25 2011, Egyptians took to the streets and protested agains the rule of Hosni Mubarak, whose rule over the country was characterised by police brutality and the suppression of civil and political liberties. After three weeks of civil unrest, Mubarak resigned on Febuary 11, leaving the country to set up a democracy.

    Even if these examples are somehow deemed as unsuccessful, the fact that these revolutions brought the many, many inequalities and problems that existed into the public eye of the wider world can be deemed as a success itself.

  • Yes, It Was

    Democracy is always worth the cost of the lives of those who sacrifice for it. While every death is a tragedy, it is clear to the international world that the Arab Spring was well worth the cost. As a result of the uprising in so many countries, the United States now has many more allies.

  • Yes it was worth it

    It was a shame that so many lives were lost, but such is the cost of freedom and democracy. History has shown us that in order to create a more fair and balanced society, sacrifices must be made. In the end, Democracy is always worth the sacrifice. The means justify the ends.

  • Supportive of Arab Spring

    While I'm not in favor of so many people losing their lives, I think that this will get the ball rolling on a more democratic society in that region. Or whatever it is they want over there. Whatever it is, people stood up for something they believed in and changed the landscape so that others won't have to suffer the same.

  • No, it made things worse.

    No, the Arab Spring was not worth it, because it made a bunch of other countries worse off in many ways. People in Egypt are still suffering and dying, and Christians are being killed in that country. In Syria, there is genocide, and a massive humanitarian crisis. There is little good that came of the Arab Spring.

  • No it wasnt

    The only group that has benifited from the arab spring are the radical islamists. The are not only killing off the liberals and even socialists, but the radical govornments that have siezed power in egypt and tunisia are doing everything in their power to destabelize the north african and niddle east regions. It is a blot on our record for letting down the pro american presidents of egypt and tunisia.

  • No, It Was Not

    The Arab Spring may have been a great idea in theory, but as with many theoretical concepts, it falls woefully short of desires outcomes once it is actually happening. Amid all of the violence and craziness rose a number of new regimes. These regimes are not partners to America and never will be.

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