Was the Arizona Cardinal/Seattle Seahawks the worst game of the season?

  • The Cardinals/Seahawks game was the worst game of the season.

    The Arizona Cardinals/Seattle Seahawks was the worst game of the season because it ended in a low scoring tie and it was filled with offensive failures. The Seahawks had multiple successful plays, until the penalty yards were tacked on to bring the yardage gains back. Both teams needed this game for their records. The Cardinals wanted to get their record over .500 while the Seahawks wanted to extend their lead over their division as 5-1, they ended up 4-1-1.

  • Yes, the Arizona Cardinal/Seattle Seahawks game was the worst of the season.

    Yes, I think that the Arizona Cardinals vs the Seattle Seahawks game was the worst game of the season because the score was 6-6 and neither team scored a touchdown. In addition, the score was 3-3 by the end of the game and they had to go into overtime, just to tie up again and finish with the game tied.

  • It was entertaining.

    The game might have not been characterised by incredible skill on the pitch but it wasn't the worst game of the season, because it was interesting to watch. There were a number of suspenseful moments which were entertaining to the viewer and it certainly gave sports' fans and pundits something to talk about.

  • No, it was a battle of two great defenses.

    The Arizona-Seattle game was boring to the casual fan who loves to see touchdowns, but to football purists and fans of defense, it was a great game to watch. The Seahawks and Cardinals are both known for their dominant defenses, and it showed in Sunday night's game. The game was filled with drama, and it went into overtime. Even though it ended in a tie, it was an exciting game.

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