Was the Armenian genocide worse than the Holocaust?

  • Worse not in number, but in theory

    Historians agree that the Armenian Genocide is the first genocide of the 20th century. However, it is not the first to befall the Armenians. Unfortunately, Armenians were also massacred in 1894 by the Ottoman Turks.
    Often, when one thinks of which is worse, he or she thinks in size or number. And while I do not think that the Holocaust is any small matter, there are other factors to consider. Let us not forget that it was Adolf Hitler himself who justified the Holocaust with the infamous line "Who, now, remembers the Armenians?" In many ways, he was right.
    We should look at the context that surrounds the evens of the Armenian Genocide. Armenians were a religious minority within the Ottoman empire (in fact Armenia was the first nation EVER to adopt Christianity as the state religion.). This means that they had to pay taxes to practice their religion. However, the Armenians were a highly successful group within the empire, as they often were doctors, lawyers, and businessmen. In fact, most Armenians were very well-off, and it was the Turks who were struggling with poverty. The Turkish rulers saw Armenians as a threat to the stability of the empire as an Islamic, Turkish state, and immediately identified them as the enemy. They were able to garner public resent toward the Armenians, which they later used as justification for the Genocide itself.
    Do you notice any similarities? Look at the Jews in central Europe in the years just before WWII. Jews were a religious minority. Jews were successful professionals like doctors, lawyers, and businessmen. Germany saw the Jews as a threat to the German national identity (the crux of fascism) and openly identified them as an enemy to not only the state, but to mankind. Do you see what Hitler did? He mimicked the tactics of the Turks from WWI because what he said was true--hardly anyone to this day remembers the Armenians. In a sense, they are a lost and scattered people, with more Armenians living outside their native land than within it.
    The fact that people are uneducated about the Armenian Genocide is because of the US's relationship with Turkey, who refuses to acknowledge that the Genocide ever happened. Thus, the US does not recognize the Armenian Genocide as a true genocide. However, it can be recognized at the state level, and all but seven states have opted to recognize the Armenian Genocide for what it is.
    It is a lost genocide, a lost people. That is why it is worse.

  • Yes, the Armenian Genocide is much worse than the Holocaust

    The fact that the Holocaust may have never happened had the Armenian Genocide gone punished is reason enough that the Holocaust can only be a fraction as bad as the Armenian Genocide. When one considers that Israel exists because of the Holocaust, it's hard to even consider the event a tragedy. Whereas most of Armenia is GONE because of the Armenian Genocide. I personally doubt that anyone who says the Holocaust is the "worst" even knows anything about any other genocide. They typically just look at the number of deaths and decide from that. The only thing special about the Holocaust is that it isn't special. Media doesn't decide the facts.

    The Armenian Genocide contained atrocities that few could even comprehend. Soldiers made a game out of guessing the gender of unborn fetuses ripped out of their mother. Groups of women were raped and set on fire. Severed heads were made into collections. Gravestones were used to make toilets. Cities Armenians inhabited for thousands of years were flattened. Churches and other monuments were destroyed in the hundreds and continue to be vandalized to this day. Children were taken and forced to forget their culture entirely and become Turkified. Death marches were organized for the sake of victims dying slowly and painfully. And the victims were never compensated in any way at any point, something every Holocaust survivor has had the luxury of.

    It seem unimaginably forbidden for a German to insult the Holocaust, but the opposite is true of Turks. Every turk feels the obligatory need to insult the Armenian Genocide. In fact, it's become a tradition for groups of them to gather in front of Armenian Genocide commendations on April 24 to mock the survivors. Don't believe me?

    With Armenian monuments still being vandalized, Armenians in Turkey afraid to reveal their ethnic background, Armenians still being murdered in Turkey without justice and Armenians in Turkey being arrested for crimes they didn't commit, it's hard the believe the Armenian Genocide is even over.

    Is it news to you that Turkish politicians joke about deporting Armenians and how the Armenians "need to be reminded the lessons of 1915"? Can you imagine a world where a German politician said anything non-positive about a Jew? No, you can't. I could go on, but the point is already made.

    Armenian Genocide > Tragedy > Holocaust

  • In my opinion, the Armenian genocide was worse than the Holocaust.

    First, both were deplorable. The holocaust triggered Jew for slaughter. It was cruel and unjust, and nobody deserves to be killed for their beliefs. The Armenian genocide happened during World War One and through that, able bodied men were massacred and put into forced labor. Women and children were deported to death machines. The only reason I feel this was worse was because it did not discriminate against any religious belief. EVERYONE was targeted.

  • No it was not.

    Neither genocide was worse than the other because they were both terrible tragedies that should not even be compared. They both resulted in a huge amount of losses, terrible conditions for the survivors and a difficult time in life for everyone. Neither was worse because they were both really terrible.

  • No, it was not worse than the Jewish Holocaust.

    If we are to argue which was worse then we have to establish rules for what determines what is better and what is worse. For instance, if the fact that genocides are still happening in the world and we have not yet learned from the Holocaust then the Armenian genocide may well be considered worse. However, if we consider the numbers of people killed as a factor in determining overall value to better or worse categories, then the Jewish Holocaust is much worse.

  • No, the Holocaust was a completely different situation with clear intent to exterminate a population.

    No, Although the Armenian Genocide was horrible in its own effect, however this was not a clear indication to eradicate an entire populous. When considering all the facts and accounts the Holocaust was a never ending stride to create ones opinion of perfection and to satisfy a revenge vendetta. The Armenian Genocide was just a horrible intention genocide that should have never happened but was on one time attempt and not an ongoing vendetta.

  • No the Armenian genocide was not worse than the Holocaust

    No, I do not think that the Armenian was worse than the Holocaust during World War Two. Yes, the Armenian genocide was horrendous and killed many innocent people but I do not think that the number of innocent people nearly equals the amount of Jewish people killed during the Holocaust.

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Diego_is_the_man says2013-04-25T20:41:56.477
Of course not! The Nazi's were much more vicious and they didn't give a shoop about the lives of Jews, Poles, Checks, Ukrainians or Gypsies. And the abuse and slave-labor was horrible because people were forced to work in inhuman conditions! Think about the lives lost in the Holocaust compared to the American genocide. More that 6 million people were killed in the Holocaust, and less than 1 million. But i will not deny that the American Holocaust was very evil and both historical events are very bad.