• The best decision possible in ending the war for the united states

    Every nation must do what it needs to do to protect itself and all other possible options in ending the war were problematic for Truman, the US government, and the US military. The options were:
    1) Full invasion of Japan 2) Status Quo 3) Atomic Bomb
    All three of these options could lead to a US victory, but the first two would have a much greater cost than the bomb. Us military death toll would be significant, Truman would continue to look weak to the US public and the world, and American support for the war effort was faltering.

  • Japan deserved it

    Japan so deserved it. Do you know about the Rape of Nanking in China and the invasion of Korea? Japan also tried to dominate the whole Asian continent, like Indonesia and other southern Asia countries. Japan wanted Pearl Harbor for power, because it went island hopping to get more land. If it didn't want that much power and land, why would it have bombed Pearl Harbor suddenly when America wasn't even involved in the war yet? The Japanese did so many wrong things to so many countries at that time, like torturing innocent Chinese women and making them prostitutes at such a young age. The Japanese tried to wipe away Korean culture by making Koreans fight for Japan during WWII. And this wasn't for a year or two. It went on for a while. And so when Japanese conquered other countries and caused neutral US citizens to die, it was a horrible idea for the US to drop the atomic bomb? That doesn't even make sense. The US also gave warnings to Japan and Japan didn't surrender. That was Japan's fault, not America's. Yes, the US bombed innocent Japanese civilians, but it's wrong for America to do that when the Japanese first raped Chinese women and tortured Koreans? Japan wasn't all that innocent, you know. And the atomic bombing of Japan really helped Japan to surrender not only WWII but all the countries in Asia that wanted independence.

  • Yes It Was

    Japan acted aggressively and arrogantly after Prime Minister Togo resigned, but they made it clear; they would not succumb to the US invasion without fighting to the last man. A US invasion would've killed 250,000+ US troops, and those were just low estimates. The end justifies the means, and shall always do so. To sacrifice 50,000 civilians from the enemy's side is much more sensible than sacrificing 250,000. Although I admit it was barbaric, it was justified. Japan would have never submitted without the bombs.

  • It was justified

    The massacre of Nanjing was still fresh in the minds of Americans and the rest of the world. This was the same Imperial Japan. How could we take chances and possibly let these barbarians in our cities to rape, Loot, Cannibalize, And murder our grandmother's and grandfather's. After the atrocities that Japan had committed, How could we send more of our sons, Fathers, Brothers, And husbands out to die in combat?

  • Yes it was justified

    While it is morally wrong to punish and entire nation for the pain and suffering caused by a few selfish individuals, It was the only way to bring Japan to the surrender table and end the war.
    Japan would never have surrendered and would be willingly to fight to the last person.

  • Teach the Japs a Lesson

    Every year, Japs becry Hiroshima and the horrors of war. “Never Again. ”
    That’s exactly what we want them to say “Never Again. ”
    They don’t say “never again” to Manila nor to Nanjing nor to Pearl Harbor nor to the 30 million innocent Asians they butchered.
    They say “never happened. ” They don’t even say “Never Again” about their military defeats. They say “never again” to Hiroshima.

    Japs needed to learn the pain that they inflicted on 432 million Asians. .
    And they needed to learn from the best teacher of all: first hand personal experience.
    For this reason, I fully support the firebombing and nuking of 69 jap cities.
    So every single jap can say they lost a mother or baby or nephew - just like every Asian. . They understand because they also lost civilians
    So the Japs can say “never again” to war just like we do.

    These bombs taught them a painful lesson about war that they sorely needed.

  • They haven't apologized for Nanjing (they still deny it happened! ), So we shouldn't apologize for the bombs.

    I personally consider both Nanjing and the bombs (both the atomic and firebombs) to be barbaric war crimes, And if I was living in the U. S. In the 1940s I probably would not have supported it.

    But I put "yes" as my opinion. Why?

    U. S. Schools teach about the atomic and fire bombs and the suffering they cause. We know, In excruciating detail, What our country did to Japanese civilians. The firebombs leveled many of their wood-based buildings, Killing many civilians and leaving many more injured and homeless. The atomic and hydrogen bombs vaporized tens of thousands immediately, And a hundred thousand more died from radiation poisoning later. Most Americans are aware of this regardless of whether or not they support the bombing.

    Japan on the other hand, Teaches LITERALLY NOTHING about Nanking to their students, Even though they killed about the same number of people civilians as we did. Not to mention the fact that they would trap, Torture, And rape the Chinese civilians they killed. At least we didn't rape, Skewer, And dismember people with our own hands. This doesn't even mention the tens of the thousands of women they systemically turned into sex slaves.

    The Japanese civilians KNEW this was happening. They awarded the generals for it and built monuments in their honor, Even when there's footage of them confessing to their crimes in graphic detail. They viewed the Chinese citizens as inhuman- as pigs. The rape of Nanjing was so much more evil than the bombings, Because the soldiers were personally doing it, Enjoying it, And being praised for it. The bombs, While still evil, Were impersonal- the bombers didn't look into the eyes of the people they killed as they did it the way the Japanese soldiers did.

    I love Japan. But their denial of Nanjing infuriates me to no end, And if I ever met somebody who denied the rape of Nanjing, I would literally never speak to them again.

  • They diserved it

    They bombed pearl harbour bringing usa into the war which proves they are not innocent and they weren't going to surrender because they prefer death to surrender because they aren't considered a hero because they didn't die for their countries. And they did try to take over the whole of asia

  • Lol dont pay attention to dis

    Im just here cause im bored and wanna pretend like im doing something . My teacher is on my ass and keeps walking back this way towards me and looking at what i am doing like tf . I need 12 more words and idk what to say so yeah lol bye

  • Of course it was necessary. Thank you America

    Honestly, people like to remember what Hitler did and the rest of the world just forgets what Japan did WW2. They’re acting like the victims and it’s so stupid. They deserved the bombs, and let’s just not think about this situation only through the perspective of a Japanese person. View the other sides of the story. Murder, rape, human experiments and burying people alive. 10 million people killed compared to the few hundred thousand killed by the bombs

  • Bombing is not a Valid Battleplan for Winning Wars

    During WWII commanders had this philosophy that strategic bombing could end a war justifiably without suffering significant casualties. Today, we know that is wrong. One, it didn't work conventionally in ending wars. Britain and America tried it on Nazi Germany and it failed and the Allied casualties were tremendous. Two, when it did work we needed to use a weapon of mass destruction. That is hardly reasonable.

    Finally, to have that battleplan work, you need to kill massive amounts of civilians. That is also known as murder. The civilian casualties in Japan was horrific and not acceptable. The damage done to civilian infrastructure was drastic as well. Mass murder is not an option in war. Only military targets should be tolerated and civilians should be avoided. The use of WMD's is not ever an option unless under MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction). Scorched Earth campaigns should also not be an option. America's decision to use one nuclear weapon was wrong, but two weapons was horrifically wrong. Today, that would a war crime and we would be guilty of mass murder.

    - "Battleplan" documentary on "Strategic Bombing"

  • Mass killing innocent people is never justified

    The U.S.A could end the war without those two bombs by listenning to the demand of redition from the Japanese after U.S army had already burn Tokyo. Used the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as subject of a military experiment is what History will remenber for generations to come. Furthermorethe rest of the world now see it as a proof of weakness, maybe one day american people will understand why.

  • You cannot Justify the deaths of so many innocent people.

    Whether or not it was effective, the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was unnecessary. Not only did the bombing itself kill thousands of people, but it led to mass amounts of starvation that killed more people than the bombs. Terrorizing a country into surrendering that was probably going to surrender anyway is inexcusable. The Japanese culture has a strong honor system that makes it very difficult to surrender, but does that mean that they never would have? No. They had that same system of honor after the bombs were dropped, and they surrendered then. Therefore they would have surrendered under traditional circumstances. They were running out of supplies and troops, and if Russia entered the war or even threatened to do so, they certainly would have surrendered. Not only was the bombing unethical, it was unnecessary and unjustified.

  • We would've won any way

    The Japanese were already weak in many things that were used in war.They new they had no chance at winning and they were already going to surrender even if we hadn't dropped the bomb.We as Americans who say we give mercy were actually killing many people we killed so many children in schools children like some of us today who actually want a future but they coudln't.

  • Unnecessary and Nothing more than scaring the U.S.S.R.

    America had no need to. They had destroyed Japan's Navy and Air Force. All Japan had left were it's army. The U.S.S.R were preparing to launch an attack on the North of Japan a week after the second bomb was dropped. Japan would have surrendered to the U.S.S.R. They had already tried several times. All that stopped it was the 'Unconditional Surrender' that the U.S. demanded. Besides, the Allies had already destroyed many cities in one night with 30,000+ bombs. To Japan it was same result, same time, just less bombs and more expensive for the U.S. The bombing was ONLY to scare the U.S.S.R and show them not to mess with America. Anyone who thinks it is justified should watch 'Oliver Stone's Untold History of the United States. Most enlightening 10 hours you will ever see. The first 3 episodes concern WW2 and are the best I think, particularly for this debate.

  • Absolutely not, Never

    The US made a terrible mistake backing China in 1940-41 and provoking war with Japan. If we had known China would go Communist after the war we would not have imposed an economic embargo, Recruited the Flying Tigers, Sent the Hull note or devised the McCollum memo.

    There was not going to be an invasion of Japan, Only a naval blockade with conventional bombing. Operation Downfall was a deliberate bluff like Operation Sea Lion. Operation Starvation alone would have forced Japan's unconditional surrender.

    Japan surrendered because of the Soviet declaration of war on 9 August 1945 and the simultaneous Soviet invasion of Manchuria. As Eisenhower admitted the atomic bombings had nothing to do with it.

  • Japanese very Nice

    Jk the Japs deserve to get nuked a thousand times for creating anime. Truman should have dropped more. The Japs started the war, And then got fuckin dabbed on by the entire Us military force. We should have rounded them up and make Nanjing look like a kids birthday party.

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