Was the Battle of Trenton the most important of all the American Revolution battles?

  • It was the most important one.

    Yes, it was. Most Americans probably would not be familiar with the name, but if you told them this was the surprise attack after George Washington crossed the Delaware River during a blizzard, they would know what you were talking about. It is this battle that changed the course of the War and won our independence.

  • Yes at least in lore

    The battle of Trenton was the most important battle in the American Revolution, at least if you go by history books. It may be that the Battle of Trenton is given in extra spin since it was around Christmas and involved George Washington. Unfortunately we may never know for sure.

  • The battle of Trenton did not really help to win the war

    The battle of Trenton did not win the war (The battle of Yorktown did) and it wasn't as big as the battle of Brooklyn, though people might argue that the Americans basically captured the whole Hessian army. Though there was still British forces left in the war. I think that the battle of Trenton was a big battle though not the most important

  • Nope, there are more important.

    No, this wasn't really the most important battle. The battle of Trenton did change around the Americans but it wasn't all significant. This war was an easy war, and didn't really show the credibility of the Americans. If it was a war like, The battle of Bunker Hill, it showed that the Americans could fight. (Though the sour lose). IT showed they'd fight for what was right.

  • The Battle of Trenton was not the most important of all the American Revolution battles.

    The Battle of Trenton was not the most important of all the American Revolution battles. There were a lot of battles that took place during the American Revolution and to say that it was the most important would be wrong because it was a small part in a bigger picture.

  • No not really.

    I honestly feel like all the battles during the American Revolution were the most important. Each one showed what the Americans were capable of and how willing they were to die for something they believed in. Every second of that war was important for us today and it should all be remembered.

  • There was no one battle.

    No, the Battle of Trenton was not the most important of all of the American Revolution battles, because there were so many battles that contributed to the victory. The Americans had a different way to fight. It was not until all of the battles were won, and people took a stand against taxation excessively, that things turns around for the Americans. It was not just the Battle of Trenton that decided the war, but that was one of many heroic battles.

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