Was the Bible written by the creator of the universe?

Asked by: missmedic
  • Of course but not authored

    Most people who ask this question assume a bible just fell out of the sky which is false there is a whole history on how it was written it was written by man but not human ideas they were mostly phrophets or apostles that wrote these books and got inspiration from God through visions or dreams etc but the bible as we know was not assembled for about 300 years after Christs resurrection there were other books left out look up Dead Sea scrolls there is about 4-8 more gospels but the emporer Constantine and the pope at the time had a council deciding which books should go in which they did sadly unlike when Protestants removed the acrophya constatine burned these scrolls which is terrible for most Old Testament books left out you can look in a catholic or orthodox bible or Jewish other than the Torah but the New Testament books are gone forever

  • No, Christians Admit This

    No, the bible was not written by any "creator of the universe," whatever that alleged thing might be. Christians themselves claim that the bible was written by numerous men over the course of nearly a millenium (even longer if we count the oral traditions that formed part of the Pentateuch). The difference is that Christians claim these men were inspired by their deity, but unless such a deity is demonstrated, I see no reason to even entertain this suggestion.

  • No, and this also begs the question.

    The books of the bible were written by a collection of men over a period of around 1800 years, then a church committee collaborated several times on which were in and which were out, and what theology to portray therein.
    This question also assumes there is a "creator of the universe"- a claim not supported by evidence.

  • Even Christians will tell you this

    Men (profits) wrote the bible. They claimed to have talked to God even though the bible shows evidence that he can't be heard when he speaks because his voice is too powerful. Afterwards the bible was also rewritten and translated numerous times by men. When Christians read the Bible they put their faith in the men that wrote it and not God

  • It is childish to look to the sky for support.

    Everyone knows that books are created by man look at all the creative books that have been written in the past, the human brain is extraordinary plus this would mean that if you couldn't read or write you wouldn't be able to get in heaven due to illiteracy i mean come on someone who can create life would probably not be interested in a book.Look at all the lies that have been told in history this is clearly the work of a human brain the only thing magical about this is that grown adults still believe is this children story.And lets not forget this planet runs on science not religion.Religion is extracurricular,science is the way we survive as humans; only the facts please.

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