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No, it wasn't justified

  Around 2,400 American Naval personnel were killed in Pearl Harbor, and around 1,200 were injured. How is it justified, the bombing and killing of over 300,000 people, mainly CIVILIANS, due to petty revenge. Big deal, they killed 2,000 odd people; those people were military personnel. The people the Americans killed were mainly innocent civilians. Worse than the Nazis, at least they targeted potentially threatening points. It's not a case of "Anti-American bias" it's the simple fact that Americans can't take it when others prove to them that America is not invulnerable, that they can be attacked; and then they get in a strop and kill millions of people. The Americans are practically at fault for the Al-Qaeda as they supplied them with the weapons the Al-Qaeda are using against them.
JaRamos says2013-03-04T19:08:10.310
You just changed your story during this whole post. At first you say they kill over 300,000 people. And no not worse then the Nazis they killed approx. six million jewish people or anyone who was considered inpure. Then you go off saying that america kills millions of people during this bombing. Make up your mind hoss.
JaRamos says2013-03-04T19:08:46.787
300,000 is alot less than millions.
Anonymous says2013-04-02T21:33:54.120
"Big deal"? "Petty revenge"? Glad to see you value American lives so much. (And by the way, Hiroshima and Nagasaki were both major military cities and not just the home of undefended civilians.)

The Japanese fought to the death as a culture; it was considered honorable to die for your country. America was going to finish what JAPAN had started, and in bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki, about 240,000 Japanese were killed. The total estimated casualties in a ground attack was 1 million. Think of the number of Japanese who would have died or committed suicide in a ground attack vs. The bombings! The bombing was the lesser of two evils, in my opinion.
Anonymous says2013-05-13T14:11:28.920
To the person above me ^^ I just want to say that American lives aren't worth any more than Japanese lives. We are all living breathing people that have lives and families to come home to. I am an American, and you are the kind of person that give us a bad name by giving out statements like that, that are selfish, and boasting. America is a pretty crappy if you ask me. If everyone would just wake up and realize that, things would go a lot smoother.
Anonymous says2013-05-13T18:22:16.067
300,000 compared to millions. Um hello big difference here.
Charcharodon says2014-08-06T06:27:51.590
This wasn't just about petty revenge. This was about ending the war swiftly without the need for a costly invasion that would have killed millions.
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