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They could have dropped the bomb in a less populated area to warn the Japanese what the Americans were capable of.

  Why not drop a bomb in a jungle or somewhere and show the Japanese how much damage one single atomic bomb can do, and maybe another to show that they have more than one? Then maybe the Japanese might have surrendered, without tens of thousands of civilians having their flesh scorched off.
pyrotyguy says2013-03-22T19:12:57.217
Think about how many that got killed in the first bomb and japan did not surrender. Droping a bomb in a un-populated area would not have phased them in the slightest.
Anonymous says2013-03-25T23:38:12.437
You have to keep in mind that the Japanese (and many other East Asian cultures) are very strong willed. Thus, the war would not have ended with the bombs dropped on
Anonymous says2013-04-01T18:58:18.897
They also only had 2 bombs to use and they did not want to waste it on a demonstration
Anonymous says2013-04-05T16:50:56.793
They had 3 bombs but if you launched the third one on hiroshima they would have continued with the war. We bombed them once they didn't surrender after we told them we would do it again. We bombed them a second time and made a second thret if the haden't surrender the third one would have been droped. And if they still didn't the land invasion would have comenced anyway.
Anonymous says2013-04-07T02:47:33.810
In fact, the Japanese had already made multiple offers of surrender, several months before the bombs were used. Those offers were made by the order of the Emperor himself, and were, by his order, to be made with no consideration to what it would cost. The only condition that the Japanese Government was adamant on was the dignity of the Emperor was to be sacrasant, and that was a condition that appeared in the Articles of Surrender signed by Japan and countersigned by Britain, China and the United States.
Anonymous says2013-04-09T14:06:28.717
Japan doesnt have any jungles
Anonymous says2013-05-14T15:56:04.623
The only problem with this is radiation. These areas may be uninhabited, but there is still the radiation that could easily spread into the nearby towns and cities.
Evildrpepper24 says2016-05-16T20:47:51.877
We Did!!! We didn't go "Oh hey lets nuke Tokyo because thats the most populated AARREEAA" Listen Nagasaki & Hiroshima weren't very populated, you'd know this if you actually paid attention during history class.
ashten422 says2016-06-13T05:03:23.247
After the US dropped the bomb on Hiroshima we waited two days for the Japs to surrender. They didn't. So if they didn't surrender after we nuked one of their towns, why would they have surrendered if we just nuked a less populated area. They wouldn't have. Damn those Japs were tough...
seas04 says2017-05-31T01:33:22.567
I like pandas
jeffrey1667 says2019-04-15T18:13:05.153
We had only a couple of A-bombs. If we showed one off, That's a lot of resources down the drain.
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