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An act of war is between soldiers only

  The act of war is between soldiers. Any country or nation that takes the stance of killing civilians is cowardly because it faces defeat and desperation in the battle between soldiers. For us to debate on this topic of dropping a bomb that kills almost 200k people mostly civilians, it is ludicrous to do so. There should be no debate on this, and especially the topic of what could be done. Don't assume anyone can predict the future. By that logic, why don't we kill the millions of people in Africa dying of malnutrition by bombing them out of existence? It may alleviate their suffering, and there will be more food for all of us, but the thought of anyone debating on the subject of the Hiroshima bombing abhors me. The bombing was an act of desperation and cowardice on part by Trueman and his government. As such, it should be remembered this way.
Anonymous says2013-03-14T14:40:14.080
It is cowardly for soldiers to kill innocent people? Last I checked, WWII began because Hitler had the mindset to remove the Jews from existence. he didn't bomb them, but he forced labor upon them and eventually gassed them. Then there was the bombing of Pearl Harbor, another instance of killing civilians on our side. The bomb was a way to prevent Japan from invading the U.S. They wanted to show Japan that they have firepower unmatched by any other.
Anonymous says2013-05-14T00:58:19.653
The first time, it was to prove their point and send a warning. The second time was pure bloodlust.
Anonymous says2013-08-11T03:50:01.253
" The bomb was a way to prevent Japan from invading the U.S."

This is blatantly false. The U.S. Had not even the slightest concern that they would be invaded in 1945. I recommend reviewing your history books.
Kastoron says2014-05-01T04:11:15.417
^ No, it wasn't meant to prevent Japan from an invasion. They would never have dared to do that!!!
Charcharodon says2014-08-06T06:36:29.170
Your logic is flawed and your opinion is based on bias. War always leads to the death of innocents, whether we like it or not. Military bases were located in those cities, and soldiers were among the dead. Bombs don't magically spare non-combatants in a warzone. There is always collateral damage. Also, Kastoron (and whoever commented before them), we weren't trying to prevent a Japanese invasion. We were trying to avoid an invasion of Japan by are own forces that would have left millions dead and ruined an already weakened country.
Evildrpepper24 says2016-05-16T20:54:41.347
No it isnt. The choice the Japanese made was there own they chose to attack... So we... ATTACKED BACK. Lol But srsly it was justified and we didnt want millions of amaricans to die. In war is you or them usually you want it to be then.
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