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Yes, for lives in the United States of America

  We are America, and we defend American lives. It was necessary to save the lives of thousands of Americans. The USA is the greatest country in the history of the world and we need to do whatever it takes to defend this great land and the great people that call it home.
Anonymous says2013-03-15T05:43:47.560
Really? So an american life is worth more than any other countries', just because of being born within some borders?
Dithless says2013-05-18T02:34:10.140
"The USA is the greatest country in the history of the world". Lol, I wonder what Caesar and Genghis Khan would have to say about that.
augustine.vallooran says2014-04-15T20:08:36.827
Why does it have to be about america??
Kastoron says2014-05-01T04:06:09.787
All humans are created equal, that is even in the American law!
ekrst says2014-07-29T22:28:50.200
Well, in the original law some human males were created equal, some were only 3/5ths of a person. They changed that after awhile, though, in a very civilized way. Then they went and made us women human! Shocking, right? And not so long after that, they locked up Japanese in camps because I guess they weren't human enough to deserve respect? We have a terrible history. Worse than most countries? Probably not. Better? Only because we've had less time to behave badly.

All countries are made up of humans. And we all have the potential for extreme evil. And we've all fulfilled that potential many times over. Germany was also a new country and felt the need to catch up to us. After all, slavery had given us a huge lead. Well, Germany certainly did catch up - what we did in a century or so of slavery Germany accomplished in a few years. German efficiency, right? And once it did catch up, we felt the need to best it. Yay us. Since then, Germany's dropped out of the game - for the most part*. But we're still trying!

*There's an occasional fight on the Polish border or anti-Turkish incident, but the government does not approve - even Merkel, who is more anti-Turk than most. It's not considered okay to say hateful things on tv, at least not nationally. It's certainly not perfect, but the German public generally disapproves of any military action. Whereas Americans just buy whatever we're told because it's better for hundreds of thousands of civilian foreigners to die than for one American soldier to get a paper cut.
FiscalBalance says2016-09-27T00:49:41.597
Ah yes, and Germany is the greatest country, we must defend our civilians at all costs, we must lock away all those Jews to protect our people! Your reasoning disgusts me, this is the sort of nationalism that we as a people should avoid at all costs, you dehumanize all those that aren't with you, you're no better then the like of those who supported Hitler's rise of power.
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