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We responded unnecessarily, brutally, and harshly.

  During WWII, President Truman had enlisted the help of the Soviets. However after doing this it is said that he regretted the decision as it would give the not completely trusted Soviets the opportunity to move further east. Because of this Truman needed a way to end the war quickly, and the US had already been testing atomic bombs, the timing could not have been more perfect. Soon after the testing had finished in New Mexico, President Truman was informed that the US had atomic bombing capabilities, the perfect solution to his problems. The US would be able to end the war quickly, and show the Soviets the potential of destructive force and power the US had. Soon the first bomb was dropped, but Japan did not surrender as they did not wish to fall to the terms of unconditional surrender. Under these terms their emperor system would be removed, and they could not stand for this. Therefore surrender was heavily debated on, eventually they decided to ask the Soviets for help, but it was too late for them, as the Soviets had been near the border of Japanese territory, and closing quickly upon the inland of Japan. It was now when Joseph Stalin declared war upon the Japanese. Eventually the US had another bomb to drop. They arrived to Japan within 5 hours, and the alarm had been set off in Nagasaki. But it turns out that the first plane sent was merely a weather recording plane, and the alarm was lifted. Soon after more planes came, this time carrying the bomb. They could not however drop the bomb without the third plane which had not yet arrived. Eventually they decided that they had wasted enough fuel, and decided to drop the bomb upon Nagasaki in order to make it back to the US safely because it would be the only way, they had to drop the excess cargo, the atomic bomb Fat Man. Hundreds of thousands of people were killed. Children killed, children who survived found themselves without parents or family. Thousands died later due to radiation. The US had responded rashly and without thought only trying to show the world that we still held power. And it was never recorded once that Truman or his officials ever questioned the use of the bomb either. It was decided without any further thought or questioning. And when the Japanese did surrender, the US cheered, but did we actually know what had happened? Children touching the bodies of their parents only to see the bodies poof into a cloud of ashes and particles only to be swept away. People everywhere died from radiation. We responded to the attacks not once but twice, causing the Japanese to decide to use kamikaze pilots. We had made them desperate with the second bombing. Many lives could have been saved if we had stopped after the first atomic bomb, Little Boy, which wasn't justified either. We could have negotiated instead...
Anonymous says2013-03-08T20:56:01.947
Would you rather have Hitler use the bomb first? The Nazis would not have been gentle with the bomb in their hands.
I'm not sure we would be here to debate it, if that was the case.
Anonymous says2013-03-13T13:55:26.280
You neglect the fact that there were 2 governments in Japan. One was the Military which wanted to fight to the end and then you had the Civil one which wanted to stop the war. The Military government had more support and they continued to fight. So I don't think negotiation would have worked
Anonymous says2013-03-18T19:07:54.047
You also forget that the two cities were papered with warnings to evacuate, days before the bomb was detonated.
Anonymous says2013-03-21T14:18:15.900
Umm dude, hitler commited suicide before the bomb
Anonymous says2013-05-30T00:58:48.287
Stalin had declared war on Japan after the bombings, meaning that pressure on Japan to surrender wouldn't have existed.
Not_Google says2013-07-12T00:12:05.330
I am of the belief that Japan was acting irrational. The prospect of an American invasion didn't scare them, I don't think the Soviets could have scared them with an invasion either. As for negotiations, well, these had been ineffective for years, it was simply unrealistic to assume that they could have worked then. Also the one soldier out of six civilians made all the difference, it made the attacks legal sieges, not senseless massacres. Also the purpose of the atomic bombings was to target military industry, to stop society from supporting the Japanese military. Less Artillery=Less War. We could habe dropped the bomb in the harbor, but we couldn't afford to just see how they reacted, it may have merely pissed them off more. I rest.
Picobill says2014-08-05T05:30:06.207
One word.. Okinawa.. The Japanese Military would have placed their entire Civilian population as human shields against any US invasion. They also would have probably passed out the same propaganda along with hand grenades that caused so many Okinawan deaths.
As for a demonstration given that being pushed back to the home islands had not brought about a surrender, no responsible General would have used 1/3rd of the available weapons at the time for a demonstration... Also while it was hoped the bombs would end the war it was far from a given, just months earlier in March a firebombing of Tokyo was not enough to bring about surrender. As for the 6-1 ratio of Civilian to Military what is not mentioned is that the Headquarters Command for the defense of all of Southern Japan was stationed in Hiroshima Castle and CNC is always a prime Military target.
Charcharodon says2014-08-06T06:13:35.830
I find it funny that don't mention the Japanese code of honor at all in this post, or the fact that the Japanese refused to surrender on reasonable terms. Besides, in the end we actually let them keep the Emperor in power.
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