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Innocent lives were lost.

  OK, so I don't know much about the subject, but I think Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and killed thousands of soldiers, while the U.S Atomic bombs killed MILLIONS of innocent civilians who had not done anything wrong. These were children and normal people who had jobs. I think the US was not justified enough to take action.
Anonymous says2013-03-08T20:52:07.870
About 300,000 died horribly in Japan. I wish there was another way, by then about 50 million had died in the war.
The bomb may have been decided due to the Japanese attack in Pearl Harbor, but it stopped the horrendous mass murder of millions, including children and elderly, around the world. Lets hope the bomb is never used again. But in 1945, there were few options
Anonymous says2013-03-13T03:32:56.340
Thousands were killed by the bombs, not millions. Also both Hiroshima and Nagasaki were highly militarized, many of the casualties were Japanese soldiers.
Anonymous says2013-04-11T03:17:30.130
Thousnds died, not millions; the fact is it's unjustifiable because innoceents died, no matter the numbers.
Anonymous says2013-04-12T00:55:56.483
If u dont know much about the subject then you should not taking an assertive position on a very controversial topic
Anonymous says2013-04-18T03:20:52.100
Mr. Last-person-to-write, you should try proof reading. Neither Hiroshima nor Nagasaki were militarized. A garrison was stationed NEAR Hiroshima but there was no military power in Nagasaki. It was about 250,000 in Hiroshima alone, upon which the smaller bomb was dropped. And the war you speak of Mr. First-person-to write was ww2, not the pacific campaign, in which we dropped the atomic bombs.
Picobill says2014-08-05T05:33:00.553
I think you've got the totals for Japan's slaughter of the Chinese (over 5 million civilians) and Hiroshima mixed up.. As already said those killed were in the thousands well tens of thousands (Hiroshima didn't even have a population over a million at that time)
Charcharodon says2014-08-06T06:25:57.630
Innocent always die in war. All the major conflicts have had civilian casualties. We try to avoid them, but sadly its inevitably. If you spend some time studying the history of warfare, you will learn this tragic fact. There will always be civilian casualties in war, and no matter how hard we try to avoid it, it is inevitable that innocents will be harmed.
amarie143 says2014-11-12T14:35:40.763
The most citizens of Hiroshima lost were only ranging in the thousands or to be exact in the 100,000 zone which by the way, is no where close to "MILLIONS"
KnowledgeBot5 says2016-02-05T13:46:00.220
We should of just talked it out, but noooo, instead, we had to make a point!- Um ok , and what about our military families and their children who no longer have their Dad(s). I forget, what did we do to deserve the Pearl Harbor attack ?
juvenilia says2016-04-01T14:37:12.947
It's war hon. People die. That's the harsh reality. The only way to stop a war is to kill. It's either their lives or your own.
stubbornconseravtive says2016-04-18T18:15:03.077
1. Thousands, not Millions

2. They where, for the 100th time, Military and Industrial Targets.
Gipper1911 says2016-04-20T17:07:55.463
135,000 died. Total. Not millions.
Evildrpepper24 says2016-05-16T20:51:09.917
Oh, and would an all out us ground assault be any better? Would Americans dying be better than than the japanese who attacked us and brought us into the war and brought this upon themselves? No they deserve to die they all did and im glad that that they did. No offense but you know the whole Pearl Harbor bombing and stuff.
JuicyDebater says2016-06-05T21:38:16.570
Hiroshima= 140,000 casualties including from the following ten years (caused by the bomb)
Nagasaki= 200,000 casualties including from the following ten years (caused by the bomb)
So do your math..
Hiroshima+Nagasaki= 340,000 (Not even half the amount you mentioned)
FiscalBalance says2016-09-27T00:34:30.050
You are implying that the Japanese Government wouldn't use their civilians as combatants. We see in Okinawa how the Japanese Military forced their own people to suicide bomb Allied Forces at gunpoint, what makes you think they wouldn't do worse at the homeland? They were training children to use bamboo spears against Allied Soldiers, designing suicide mine suits to use against landing craft. Projected estimates of casualties in a land invasion were maxed out in the millions, with the minimums still being around half a million just on Allied military personnel. Okinawa lost around a third of its civilian population when Allied troops invaded, what makes you think that an invasion on the mainland would be better?
XJulchenX says2017-05-17T15:31:15.513
Innocent lives were lost? Good!
Joeloel says2018-05-01T04:55:59.397
Be careful in your math. You are off in your calculations. Their was nowhere near millions of casualties.
Crazycatz3000 says2018-07-05T20:53:12.057
The casualties were 150 thousand at most. No where near couple millions
Liricion says2018-09-09T04:03:21.013
Define normal in Japan at that time. Try to consider the alternatives, And most of all, Try to think.
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