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War is war.

  The Japanese tortured American POWs and did atrocious things. People need to remember ALL IS FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR. Don't kid yourselves, they would have done the same if they had the chance. They were going with Germany in a world conquest. They killed Americans! Our brothers and sisters!
Anonymous says2013-03-08T07:10:02.410
We may be America, but why does that put us above anyone else. While what the Japanese did was atrocious, what we did was as well. While some may say that we evened the score, let me tell you something, we basically bombed Japan to show off to the Soviets. During WWII President Truman asked the Soviets for help. But after he had doubts, as it would allow for the Soviets to expand further east. Now being pushed against the clock, President Truman needed to end the war quickly, and to show to the Soviets that the US was a force to be reckoned with. Soon afterwords, testing in New Mexico was over, and scientists confirmed that the US had a new devastating weapon to show the Soviets that the US had power.
Anonymous says2013-03-18T23:20:54.830
And we sent innocent Japanese AMERICANs to internment camps...
Anonymous says2013-05-07T23:22:26.327
It's still not justifiable if they had done the same thing, if they did, pretty sure all of us would say what they did is not justifiable. Yeah, they may have killed our American brother and sisters, but we killed their Japanese brothers and sisters. Not even all of them being in the military. Majority of the victims were just mere civilians.
Kakerot says2014-06-09T16:55:18.550
The phrase, "All is fair in love and war" is just a saying. There are actual rules in war which prohibit the use of chemical warfare and deem it as inhumane.
ekrst says2014-07-29T21:37:12.177
As someone else said, there are rules to war. I think the bombings were unjustified. I also think the bombing of Dresden was unjustified. Does that mean I think Germany and Japan played fair? No. But that doesn't make our actions right. We could have had the moral high ground in WWII but instead just threw it away by throwing the Japanese in concentration camps and killing innocent civilians for no reason.

I am American, born and raised. But in WWII half of my relatives were in Germany hiding Jewish friends from the Nazis. So I'm sorry if I don't see the place somebody was born as an order on how to think about the world. I see everyone as equally human. And I see the bombings as something that killed a lot of humans and didn't really save many at all. The ones it killed had never agreed to fight, the few it might have saved (unlikely) had agreed to fight.
sommelier says2015-02-26T14:38:32.580
Worst war crime ever perpetuated in history. And not one but two Aーbombs at that! Yes, Japan did many bad things during WW II but we also committed the biggest mistake and worst crime in dropping those Aーbombs directly in Hiroshima and Nagasaki soils, instantly wiping out and literally baking many innocent civilians in a spark of a second. You should go and visit Hiroshima and Nagasaki and see and learn for yourself the effects and damages the bombings had and still will continue to do so in many "hibakusha generations" in the future. It's "Nuclear Weapon" we're talking here , the most deadliest and worst war weapon ever made and used. It shouldn't have been made and be used again ever by any human to an equal human. Truman should've been hanged too and punished as much as those Imperial Japanese Military that were executed. No wonder did Japan ever engage their country in a war after that (WW II).. And no wonder too that our country the US has been in to every war there is then and until now.
FiscalBalance says2016-09-27T00:42:13.267
You dare imply the countless innocent Japanese deaths at Hiroshima and Nagasaki were justifiable by the acts of their military? The world is not black and white, and civilians shouldn't be held in total account for the atrocities committed by their government. The atomic bombings were justified, but not by this petty reasoning of yours.
seas04 says2017-05-31T01:52:39.197
OK, first you are saying basicly U.S people are more important, that's retarded. Then you'r saying that the revenge is the only solution, now let me ask, in what kind of school are you?
mati_romano says2018-11-06T07:29:37.940
Well, What about Japanese people didn't they have to go through does radiations and bombings. This is no joke. Put yourself in Japanese people shoes. Think about it well.
Blink.once says2018-11-13T00:37:41.067
YOUR brother and sisters. Stop acting as if they didn’t do anything wrong. No offense, But that’s really restarted. Like, The Japanese killed a few thousand Americans. That quite a lot. But compared to what the Americans did? They killed a million Japanese. And more than half of that were innocent. 'All is fair in love and war’ you know what’s not fair? Dropping a bomb and killing 800, 000+ innocent lives. The Americans didn’t have to deal with any after paninis. However, The Japanese are still suffering.
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