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This is America

  We do what we have to protect our country and our soldiers fighting for it. Everyone who believes it was cruel and mean needs to consider the family and friends that where being mutilated and abused. America is a place of freedom and anyone who was born or was a citizen should always be able to obtain that.
Anonymous says2013-03-05T16:31:57.567
"This is 'Merica." Sounds like a sarcastic remark, to be honest.
Anonymous says2013-07-10T08:06:28.460
American = arrogant and selfishness
jtinmoscow says2013-08-16T03:38:36.713
And you need to consider thousands of innocent civilians who died due to the blast and radiation and the next generations who suffer from leukemia and they had nothing to do with the war and politics during that time.
Kastoron says2014-05-01T04:09:31.447
You think that 3000 Americans that died at pearl harbor and in Japanese battles equal 300000 Japanese that died?
Then one American would be worth the lives of one hundred Japanese!? I don't think so!
FiscalBalance says2016-09-27T00:52:45.760
You know I would have thought this as satire if taken out of context....
seas04 says2017-05-31T01:09:22.437
OK, then ur saying U.S people, who are trashing the world, are more importan than japonese people, wow, and ur not ALL america ur the U.S, America is Colombia, Argentina, Canada, Peru, Etc.
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