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Duhhhhh!!!!!......The only other word for it is necessary.

   Okay. To start it off, we, the U.S, gave Japan an uncountable amount of chances to surrender. Before they could even reject and continue to fight for their homeland, we warned them that if they don't surrender we would destroy it, their homeland. As anticipated, they again rejected and continued to fight. So although a little bit too harsh, we dropped an A-Bomb.
Anonymous says2013-04-12T02:30:57.850
Duhhhh!!! Is an incredibly rude way of underminig the lives lost in the event. This is war, not a child's play 'you do this we do that' mentality. Even if you see the bombing as positive, there are other (less offensive) ways to express the sentiment.
Anonymous says2013-04-17T21:50:07.777
Not disagreeing with you about it being justified, but America's goal, even documented on the bomb order, was to destroy military bases not harm the lives of children and women. But ultimately the bombing was necessary and ended the war.
Anonymous says2013-04-23T11:03:18.153
Hmm right. So why did so many civilians die? If they aren't included in that goal, why are they dead?
Anonymous says2013-04-25T03:30:32.793
Hmm they were warned beforehand, and - as we saw in Saipan - many would rather suicide than surrender. Even if they are civilians, they can be (and were) used as suicide bombers, etc. Since that occurred before, it was likely to happen again, and could likely have resulted in more civilian deaths than from the atom bomb - and certainly with more US casualties too.
Anonymous says2013-06-12T12:26:56.247
Two, we dropped two atom bombs.
Anonymous says2013-07-23T13:23:15.510
Suicide rather than surrender? Wait wait you clearly don't have the facts straight here. The people of Japan were told that their enemies were monsters who would pillage and rape their way into the country. Though they may not have been well informed, those who ended up taking it upon themselves to end it quickly and easily rather than suffer at enemy hands were at least in their right minds. They weren't fighting onward, they were rejecting being tortured and killed slowly.
CaViCcHi says2014-03-10T23:36:05.080
So much ignorance...
emz655 says2014-05-04T15:10:47.277
Can I just say, the Japanese were great believers in honour at the time and they were not 'taking the easy way out' they took their own lives as they believed that it was the most honourable thing to do rather than be captured by their enemy and possibly end up giving away information about their emipre or the war.
HistoricalB says2016-04-09T00:37:31.340
if you plan on calling someone ignorant, at least provide a counter arguement. Otherwise your just being an Ass hole.
Thankyou friend.
regrets says2016-04-27T04:13:00.673
And what were these "uncountable" chances?
183078 says2016-05-09T15:41:18.633
This is just one more good example of Americas hamfisted approach to politics. You all think that a massive bomb will fix everything.
Evildrpepper24 says2016-05-16T21:03:41.343
It's because usually the idiots we fight (Japan) don't listen. Think we had to nuke them twice in order to make them surrender, we gave that idiotic government warnings, chances and even offered peace but they threw away their opportunities. Its not our fault, it was those idiotic Japanese leaders cuz they werent the brightest crayons in the box. Soon we'll get rid of this infection known as north korea. :)
183078 says2016-05-17T15:33:56.583
Ha ha you capatlist dogs think you can take on a full blown communist country, let me remind you of two very important facts. One the USA has never defeated a communist country. Two if you attack north Korea china will get involved and, that will pull in the strongest nuclear arsenal in the world Russia and, the USA would become what it should have become in the 1950s a soviet province or colony.
SomeGuyWhoIsCool says2016-08-24T23:53:08.290
@Evildrpepper24 It wasn't the Japanese who didn't listen. It was the enemies of the Japanese, who didn't listen (America). Japan told your idiotic American government that they would surrender under other conditions (the protection of the Dynasty), but of course, your idiotic President Truman and the American government refused. Your idiotic leaders viewed pride higher than burning tens of thousands of lives. Get your facts straight, and you wanted to nuke them out of pride. Japan asked your idiotic government chances for them to surrender, but of course, those ignorant fools threw them away and didn't want to listen.
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