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It saved thousands of allies lives.

  The only alternative to the bombs was to invade the Japanese home land with the odds of the slaughter of many more civilians as they literally fought to the last. It was more than justified to bring the war to an abrupt end.
Anonymous says2013-03-08T07:29:37.667
It saved thousands of allies lives, but at what cost? Hundred of thousands of Japanese dead, children left without families. And the constant threat of death from radiation. Some people were literally burned into the ground and some of their outlines can still be seen today. And they fought to the end when we dropped the second bomb on Nagasaki. Had we negotiated after the first drop, or even before, we could have not only saved allies lives but the lives of the Japanese as well, because in the end we're all humans...
Anonymous says2013-05-02T14:15:46.823
How was that the only alternative? Japan was close to collapse anyways, its an island. How does it sustain itself when its cut off? Nobody said they had to be invaded, and besides, why did it have to be unconditional surrender? Too proud of yourself to negotiate like a mature person?
Anonymous says2013-07-09T10:56:55
Being cut off would bring famine and poverty, continuing the war would only continue killing, after we bombed them we help bring them back up and sustain their economy as we did to Germany also.
Anonymous says2013-07-10T07:05:26.243
Sorry, but Japan is a country, capable of sustaining itself with food and equipment. While it does trade with foreigners regularly it does have the ability to sustain itself. Not only that but as shown by Okinawa, and Iwo Jima the Japanese were ingenious with defense. It would have been bloody, terrible, and very costly for both sides. Not only that but on Okinawa they shot there own civilians who refused to fight.
Anonymous says2013-08-11T03:36:25.640
Actually, Japan relied heavily on Manchuria for natural resources during the war. Keep in mind that Nagasaki and Hiroshima were only the 65th, and 66th cities that were destroyed by air. Japan wasn't exactly loaded with green pastures and advanced agricultural infrastructure when it was A-bombed.
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