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No, it was not justified.

  First of all, they were on the losing side anyways, they would have surrendered before it. Second, we didn't have to drop it on Japan itself, we could've dropped it near the harbor and scared them into surrendering once they saw the true power of the bomb. Third, if we had just modified the Potsdam Proclamation(A proclamation that demanded that the Japanese surrendered unconditionally without any say) so that they could've agreed to something. Fourth, many Japanese were killed, yes, if we hadn't dropped it than both sides would have had casualties, but the area they bombed had six civilians for every soldier. More civilians were killed than soldiers in both of those bombings. Fifth, people around the area today still have radiation poisoning and cancer and many other illnesses because of the bomb. I really don't see why we had to drop it there if anywhere. The bomb should not have been dropped.
donald.keller says2013-03-16T05:57:08.407
Being on the losing side only made them fight harder... You know nothing about the Japanese in WWII. After they first bomb, they still wouldn't surrender. It's war, ok? It's not meant to be pretty. Stop blaming the US... The Japanese committed war crimes daily in the war... Placing Americans in barrels and burning them alive... Look into some of their war ethics, they were far worse than any American. If we hadn't dropped the bombs, the war would have killed millions more US Solders, and most the Japanese population.
Anonymous says2013-03-25T04:29:07.193
im doing an assignment on the bombing, and i was wondering if you had a reference for the comment of "the area they bombed had six civilians for every soldier". it's information that would help me out an awful lot. thanks xoxo
Anonymous says2013-04-05T17:21:14.983
It is said that even after using the A-Bombs that Japan's leader still questioned whether he wanted to surrender or not. Thereafter surrendering he committed suicide.
Anonymous says2013-04-18T16:25:57.070
If we would have dropped it in the water we would have polluted the entire pacific and our west coast. It would have done even more damage than dropping it on Japan. Radiation wou
D have killed Americans and Japanese
Anonymous says2013-05-27T23:49:40.490
If we dropped the bomb in the harbor it would still kill hundreds of thousands of HUMANS but would also kill millions of sea life because of the radiation. The harbor would kill anything that entered it because of all the radiation.
Anonymous says2013-06-08T22:30:29.020
Yeah drop it near the harbor, so that radiation could poison the Japanese drinking supply and natural environment smart idea.
Anonymous says2013-07-15T11:25:07.017
The Americans could have dropped a similar bomb somewhere near to Japan to show its power I feel it was also a TEST using live ammo & live targets - same as their bombs in iraq - Japan would have surrendered without murdering a sole. Pearl Harbour was a Red Flag operation anyway as the released records prove
Charcharodon says2014-08-06T06:15:28.207
Japan wasn't going to surrender, genius. They made that perfectly clear. They were going to fight to the bitter end, and millions would have died on both sides.
xxplantjaysonxx says2015-06-04T13:51:10.997
When people have nothing left to say about this they usually say: "Japan would have surrendered without being bombed" If that was true in any way, shape, or form they would have accepted an unconditional surrender the first time and after being bombed they DEFINITELY would have surrendered. In response to this people will usually reply: "Japan tried to surrender but the us wouldn't accept an unconditional one" This true. If japan would have kept its leaders and government it would only be for the worst. Japan would be a dictatorship enriched military with a strong hatred for the us and most likely attempted some sort of revenge. Japan is now a peace loving democracy that values the lives of its citizens. The last thing I have to say about this is that an invasion would have killed more civilians. In every major conflict the civilian casualties are always higher when the battlefield is on the mainland country. Even when the Civilians are being targeted directly (bombings in Germany and the UK) The casualties are always higher when the fighting is being done IN the cities instead of bombing the cities but the majority is taking place elsewhere. An example of this is with Germany and the USSR during WWII. Although the hard as it is to believe the bomb being dropped killed many people initially saved millions in the long run.
stubbornconseravtive says2016-04-18T18:17:22.637
1. Why didnt they then, because they didnt.

2. Dropping it in the harbor wouldnt have worked, remember it took to bombs to make them surrender.

3. Japan didnt try to surrender
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