Was the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki justified?

  • Yes, it was necessary to stop the war.

    The atomic bomb on Hiroshima was brutal, yes. On the other hand, it was the only way to stop the war. Japan was going to invade the U.S. and we were running out of supplies, people, guns, bullets, etc. It was either the bomb or lose the war. World War II was the fight for humanity, if Hitler won (not to be taken offensively) the world would have gone to hell.

  • Duhhhhh!!!!!......The only other word for it is necessary.

    Okay. To start it off, we, the U.S, gave Japan an uncountable amount of chances to surrender. Before they could even reject and continue to fight for their homeland, we warned them that if they don't surrender we would destroy it, their homeland. As anticipated, they again rejected and continued to fight. So although a little bit too harsh, we dropped an A-Bomb.

  • Yes it was justified.

    Some people here (and especially on the "no" side) are outrageously stupid and full of anti-American bias and needs to seriously brush up some real history and not some PC-crap they learned in public schools.

    A lot of people forget that WWII isn't some Napoleonic Wars of the 1800s where it's just soldiers meet each other in the battlefield to settle the issue. With the introduction of an airplane thanks to the Wright Brothers in 1903, it took warfare to the whole new level.

    In WWII, civilians in the cities were part of the war effort since all sides mobilized it's resources to defeat the enemy. Every bomb dropped, every bullet fired, every warships carry soldiers in the sea, every warplanes fly over other countries to strike targets, every tanks used to withstand bullets/shells, every uniform clothing made for soldiers, every artillery used to pound enemy troops, all were made by civilians. Obviously it's where the army used to get these things from and kill enemy soldiers overseas. Therefore, they were a fair game.

    Bombing the cities full of military importance(also housed by civilians) would deny the enemy military the resources they needed to wage war against us. And as bad as it goes, it practically worked and Japan didn't have resources left by 1945 to wage war. This term is called "Total Warfare".

    To give an analogy: If a person makes a bazooka gun, then gives it to a friend, knowing full well it was going to be used for a crime, then that person is so guilty. The civilians worked in the factories and small-time industrial workshops KNOW the weapons they were making was going to be used for war, therefore represents a fair game. It was either their life or ours. Every country values their life over the others so it's obvious both sides don't give a shit but only their own.

    Hiroshima & Nagasaki were military targets. The HQ of the 2nd General Army under General Shunruku Hata was in Hiroshima which commanded the defense of all southern Japan and they were 40,000 soldiers stationed in the city. In Nagasaki, it also had thousands of industries supporting the war effort especially the Mitsubishi factories making "Zero" planes used to ran the U.S. naval fleet off the Pacific Coast. The idea was to cripple their war effort, not to kill as many Japanese, as historically illiterates used to say.

    And the U.S. dropped leaflets on Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and 33 other Japanese cities on August 1st, 1945. Search "LeMay bombing Leaflet". It warned Japanese civilians that in a few days, the cities they lived in will be targeted for bombing and were advised to leave right away to save themselves from destruction. One of the leaflet statements also said, "bombs have no eyes", meaning they can't control where the bombs fell. Be it nuclear bombs, firebombs, high-conventional bombs, etc, it doesn't matter because what the warnings said on August 1st 1945 was serious.

    Since most people in Hiroshima & Nagasaki did not leave, the deaths were their responsibility.

    I don't see Japan doing that at Pearl Harbor nor American soldiers asked to be bombed that day. I also don't see the Japanese military doing that after conducting military operations in Asia that kill 20 million non-Japanese people as well.

    And the Japanese didn't bother to surrender AFTER THE FIRST BOMBINGS. Many fanatic Japanese officers were convinced that the Americans only had ONE BOMB even they know it was. So they decided to go on with the war. However, the 2nd bomb was dropped on on Nagasaki and many Japanese officers still resisted to surrender. However, Hirohito feared that if they go on with the invasion, then the entire nation would be exterminated because the U.S. may have more A-bombs in the assembly lines. So they did,

    And in response to the posting Anonymous that the invasion would only cost 100,000. Wow, you're a moron. The invasion of Japan would not just costs the U.S. 100,000 lives it also costs millions of Japanese lives too. There are rock solid basis for those estimates: Iwo Jima, Okinawa, Saipan. Those were outlaying islands of Japan. JAPANESE CIVILIANS committed suicide rather than surrender. In Okinawa alone, civilians including woman and kids were mobilized by the Japanese Army to fight the Americans and as a result, 100,000 civilians died. Do you really think it would have been easier on the mainland? No it was not. To say otherwise is really ridiculous.

    The A-bombs saved more lives than it took. If the A-bombs was't used, then the U.S. would had go back to firebomb every major Japanese cities which would have caused the same amount of deaths ad destruction. Tokyo was ripped by firebomb and more than 100,000 civilians died in a single night which was worser than the A-bombs combined. Yes the radiation was a different story but in terms of deaths and destruction, i don't see the A-bombs different from the firebombings that was practiced by all nations during WWII.

    Honestly, people needs to brush up their history like the "no" side is supposed to doing.

  • War is war.

    The Japanese tortured American POWs and did atrocious things. People need to remember ALL IS FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR. Don't kid yourselves, they would have done the same if they had the chance. They were going with Germany in a world conquest. They killed Americans! Our brothers and sisters!

  • The bomb was VERY justified.

    1 million men were estimated to have been killed in a full scale invasion of Japan. Those men would be someone's son. Someone's bothers. Someone's husband or boyfriend. The atomic bomb would definitely end the war. Try to explain the fact you had something that would end the war to the 1,000,000 mens' loved ones but their son, brother, or husband had to die. 100,000 civilian casualties didn't come anywhere near the amount of casualties there would have been in a full scale invasion of the country, and that's without including the number of Japanese that would have been killed and civilians. It also doesn't come any where near the amount of civilians murdered in the Holocaust.

  • This is America

    We do what we have to protect our country and our soldiers fighting for it. Everyone who believes it was cruel and mean needs to consider the family and friends that where being mutilated and abused. America is a place of freedom and anyone who was born or was a citizen should always be able to obtain that.

  • Yes, for lives in the United States of America

    We are America, and we defend American lives. It was necessary to save the lives of thousands of Americans. The USA is the greatest country in the history of the world and we need to do whatever it takes to defend this great land and the great people that call it home.

  • The Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was Not Only Justified, it was Legal and Unassailable Under the War Crimes Laws of the Era

    The Hague Regulations on Land Warfare of 1907 state that "the attack or bombardment, by whatever means, of towns, villages, dwellings, or buildings which are undefended is prohibited". Neither Nagasaki nor Hiroshima were undefended. Therefore, they were legitimate, legal targets. Also, the Hague Draft Rules of Aerial Bombardment, drafted in 1923, state that "air bombardment is legitimate only when is directed against a military objective." Both Hiroshima and Nagasaki were military targets due to their significant military presence and industrial production capabilities. The United States did NOT violate any international rules of engagement at the time and therefore the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki do NOT constitute a war crime, end of story. It's not up for debate; it was not a war crime when it happened. Deal with it.

  • It saved thousands of allies lives.

    The only alternative to the bombs was to invade the Japanese home land with the odds of the slaughter of many more civilians as they literally fought to the last. It was more than justified to bring the war to an abrupt end.

  • They were warned but ignored the warning!

    The United States sent a warning to Japan and the two cities that they were going to bomb them but Japan refused to leave. By leaving many people could of lived, but since they chose to stay they chose death on themselves. It was also a revenge for poor treatment and for the bombing of pearl harbor.

  • I don't think it was THAT necessary.

    When the U.S. used the atomic bomb, they killed 100,000 and left a million people to suffer until they died. They left civilians to suffer, children even. I don't think they were thinking straight. I think the U.S still could've won the war without killing the civilians. Again, don't think they were thinking straight.

  • The bombs was simply unjustfied

    Truman said the reason he dropped the bombs were for military use only. How is it that the bombs that he dropped were on 2 of the weakest and 2 of smallest militaries in japan at that time. Also this caused the highest death toll throughout all the battles between these two countries, but caused one of the most minimal damage or destruction on the actual japanese army itself. 237000 plus lives were ended, including 12 of the us own, who were imprisoned in japan at that time. Instead of putting their fellow soilders first they decided to "end the war" fast instead. 237000 lives, dreams, achievements, goals, families, parents, moms, dads, children, buissnesses. 237000. For why? To show the soviet union and the other countries how powerful the us is? To show they aren't afraid? To show they are willing to do anything and their not scared of it? Completely unjustfied.

  • Not Necessary In Any Way

    The bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, while they advanced the victory of the U.S., weren't necessary, or even exceptionally beneficial, in the winning of the war. Admiral William D. Leahy can be quoted saying that Japan was defeated before the bombs were dropped. U.S. soldiers were saved, but for every 1 U.S. soldier that was saved, SIX Japanese CITIZENS were killed by the bomb. The bomb wasn't necessary in defending American citizens, it wasn't needed in order to win the war or protect our freedom. The U.S has a right to defend itself, but it does not have the right to determine whether or not innocent people live or die; to determine whether the generations following those citizens will live or die. Years later, Japanese still suffer from radiation poisoning- no one should have the power or the ability to cause such cruel and inhumane destruction.

  • The U.S. was guaranteed victory, they didn't need the atomic bombs to win the Pacific war.

    The U.S didn't need to drop the bombs in order to win the war. It would've ended within two weeks of the bombs dropping and Admiral William D. Leahy can be quoted saying that Japan was already defeated before the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. By dropping the bombs, the U.S. was targeting citizens. While less people IN GENERAL may have died because of the bomb, most of the people who died were citizens, not soldiers. When citizens start being killed as opposed to soldiers; when we are no longer killing those who are killing us, but killing for the sake of killing, that is when a line has been crossed. The atomic bombs were not necessary to protecting the United States, such destructive measures should never have been taken-especially when all they do is bring a victory that we would've had either way.
    Another point is that the U.S. , by dropping the atomic bombs, introduced a whole new level of warfare. The introduction of an earth ending weapon had an incredible impact on global relations.
    The dropping of the atomic bombs was an unnecessary act of cruelty, using such means of warfare was uncalled for, the fact that America would have won within two weeks makes the atom bomb droppings even less justifiable. The atom bombs saved American soldiers, but for every 1 American soldier that was saved, 6 innocent citizens were killed in an inhumane way.

  • No! No! No!

    Massive deaths has been cause because of the bombing on Hiroshima. Japan didn't have enough time to surrender because THREE days AFTER Hiroshima's bombing was then Nagasaki was bombed. Why on earth would we decide to drop the bomb on INNOCENT people? Most Americans then didn't know the full effect. Children were touching dead bodies, crying. Adults felt agonizing pain. What have we done America?

  • Work work work work work:)

    Divisions and that this level will be speedily attained."[10]
    "That approximately twenty-one (21) hostile divisions, including depot divisions, will be on HONSHU at initiation of [Coronet] and that fourteen (14) of these divisions may be employed in the KANTO PLAIN area."[10]
    "That the enemy may withdraw his land-based air forces to the Asiatic Mainland for protection from our neutralizing attacks. That under such circumstances he can possibly amass from 2,000 to 2,500 planes

  • Just classical war crime

    The both bombings, Hiroshima land nnlagassaki, is a classical war crime, the biggest one in human history, so Truman is to classifikate as biggest war kriminal in history. To demonstrate the power of new bomb, you can attack probably a military objekt. There ware no need to destroy in pain 2 big cities

  • It was not okay! Okay

    Millions injured thousands dead the two bombs destroyed every thing.
    With very few survivors hiroshima was the fist to be devestated severly.
    On survivor says "i saw a white flash ws the bomb went off but heard nothing. We called it the noiseless flash but the only one to hear it was those who where outside the radius"

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  • Was Anyone Paying Attention?

    You should have paid attention in history class because all of your teachers should have explained this to you. The only reason people are saying yes is because they were not paying attention, there are several facts leading to the unjustified side that can only be countered by opinion. It also killed thousands of innocent people who wanted no part in the war. The End.

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