Was the Bulls double OT win against the Bucks the most exciting game of the playoffs?

  • Rose was on fire!!

    Rose drove to the bucket many times and executed when he needed to the bulls are a very great team and derrick rose is a very great player as long as he is a healthy player i believe he can win a champion ship for the bulls in the future

  • Derrick Rose scores 34 in double-overtime win; Bulls up 3-0 in series

    Rose topped his own record of five three-pointer shots. If that wasn't enough, the game ran into two overtimes. The Bucks scrambled for the ball but they couldn't stop Derrick Rose. The Bulls rallied from a 3-0 deficit to win, something no NBA team has ever done, and Rose was on fire.

  • Bulls are exciting, OT or not.

    Yes, the Bulls double OT win against the Bucks was very exciting. Bulls always have an exciting game, OT or not. Going into OT makes any game exciting. Double OT very seldom ever happens, so this makes the game an exciting, edge of your seat thrill ride! It's as if you can feel every spectator in the stands holding their breathe, waiting for the win.

  • Yes, the Bulls win was the most exciting game of the playoffs.

    What is more exciting than a double overtime win in a playoff game in the NBA? Not a lot. Add to that the close proximity of the two cities and you get the best rival series in the NBA playoffs right now. Add to that the awesome play of the extraordinary Derrick Rose!

  • The game was not the most exciting

    The game was not the most exciting in the playoffs. This is because what one person deems exciting is not the same for everyone, especially if you are not a fan of either team. For most people to feel a game is excited they have to be bought into the game -- it has to be important to them.

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