Was the character of Joey Tribuianni nothing more than an anti-Italian caricature?

Asked by: Adam2isback
  • One reason "Friends" was more offensive than "Seinfeld"

    "Friends" was always an arrogant show anyhow, but I believe that Tribuiani was supposed to be a minstrel character. Compared to Cox's character, Perry's character, Schwimmer's character, Kudrow's characters, so on and so on, Tribuiani was the fool taken advantage of. To me "Friends" is arrogant and this is like the most offensive stereotype of Italians to date.

  • They were all caricatures!

    They all had flaws and were not representative of real people. Joey was of American-Italian descent but the jokes centred around his character were usually not referencing that ancestry. It was just part of his back story that he was italian. Come on now that's silly. I don't think so.

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