Was the Chelsea coach right in blaming his players for their poor performance against Liechester City?

  • Absolutely the players play the game

    I think the Chelsea coach is right for blaming the players for their poor performance against Liechester City. A coach does nothing more than coach. They set the line up and control substitutions. The players are the ones who have to execute and play the game. Of course the players should be blamed.

  • Chelsea Coach Passes the Buck for Poor Performance Against Leicester City

    Chelsea coach, Jose Mourinho, signalled the end of his career for the team, as he turned against his players due to their poor performance against Leicester City. While other coaches have had mixed results, at best, utilizing this tactic, Mourinho shows any hope for developing the teamwork necessary to turn the club around has been lost. So long, Mourinho, it was a great ride.

  • The manager gets credit for winning; players get blame for losing

    Jose Mourinho claimed that he, personally, had achieved something extraordinary when Chelsea won the Premier League in 2014/5. He neither mentioned, nor gave credit to, the players that had won the title. This season, Chelsea have lost no fewer than eight league games and lie just above the relegation places in the Premier League. This, apparently, is the fault of the players. It appears that Mourinho wants all of the credit when Chelsea succeed, but none of the blame when they fail.

  • A leader leads

    If there is any blame to go around, it should sit squarely on the coach's shoulders. It is the coach who trains the players. It is the coach who decides who plays and who doesn't. It is easy to say that a coach does not have any control over the behavior of his players, and that is true, but the coach does have the responsibility of ensuring that the entire team puts its best foot forward.

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