• Certain rights should be granted to all people..

    The right to protest is one of the things that makes America great. That right should be given to everyone in the world. The Chinese government violated the right of Chinese students to protest by shutting down the square. By doing this they took away the voice of those students and their power to enact change in their country.

  • China wanted change.

    Yes, the Chinese government was wrong to shut down the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989, because the people were peacefully making their position known. The Chinese government because famous around the world for having shut it down, and it made them known as an oppressive government. People would have thought better of China if they had allowed the people to make their protests.

  • The Chinese government was wrong.

    Yes, it was wrong for the Chinese government to shut down the Tiananmen Square protests in the late 80s. When people gather like that, very peacefully at first, there is usually some sort of corruption taking place that should be healed. To shut it down is very anti human rights.

  • Know the truth

    In 1989, the Mao ordered that the PLA use force only against those who were against the government. The protestors, just like the protestors of today were violent and damaging lots of buildings and vehicles. I'm not saying I approve of what the PLA did, but they did it to protect the people from protestors

  • Not at all

    No, they were not wrong to shut down this protest of college kids back in nineteen eighty nine. They thought that these kids were a threat, and they do not have the right to free speech like we have here, so it was expected that they would stop it quick.

  • The Chinese government was not wrong, they just did it wrong.

    The protests in Tiananmen square were not legal. They were causing a civil disturbance and the government had to respond. The way they responded was inappropriate and an embarrassment for the regime. Had the protesters been handled differently, the embarrassment that ensued could have been avoided, and the rebellion may have lost momentum.

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