Was "The Cho Show" Margaret Cho's most interesting and fascinating body of work?

  • A great show

    Yes, this show was Margaret's most interesting show. She was a very talented comedian, and was very entertaining to watch in all shows. This show however was a family sitcom, and with a very talented supporting cast Margaret's abilities were shown and the show was an instant hit for viewers.

  • It was a good show.

    Yes, the Cho Show was Margaret Cho's most interesting and fascinating body of work, because it allowed her to put so much material out there for us. It also really showed off her talents. Cho is good at such a variety of things, a show is a perfect outlet for her to show it to us. She shared her talents with us, in comedy, in performing, and in fashion.

  • On Stage Work Better

    I do not believe The Cho Show was Margaret Cho's most interesting and fascinating body of work. I believe this is obvious since the show only lasted one season and was not renewed. Margaret Cho has many irons in the fire so to speak, but I would say her on stage acts are probably her most prominent.

  • Many of her comedy shows are more interesting

    Since the Cho Show was on network TV, there were some things that they couldn't air. Margaret's life as an Asian American and some of the interaction with her mother in particular are more raw and more interesting in her comedy shows. Her political and sexual commentary are also more interesting when she doesn't have to censor her language.

  • The Cho Show No-Go

    Margeret Cho is a great stand-up comedian. Her edgy racial comedy mixed with some political satire and lesbianism mixed in creates an interesting mix that few other entertainers can supply with the experience to back it up. She is an original. However, that does not make her fit for television. Creating an hour of content and repeating it, getting the timing right, and delivering it repetitively in several venues for varying crowds is an art form that Cho excels at. This does not translate to Sit-com's At best, this can ensure success on SNL. Cho's comedy routine loses something in translation as it is turned into a sit-com.

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