Was the Christmas game between Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors worth it?

  • Curry vs. Lebron, Part 2

    Anytime you have the reigning MVP and one of the best NBA players to ever play the game pitted against one another, the game is worth watching. Add in the fact that this is an NBA Finals rematch and that the Warriors are now 28-1 and this game was definitely worth watching!

  • Yes, it was great

    I think the game was great. We got to see Steph Curry and Lebron James go head to head. It was lower scoring than most people would prefer, but that was because both teams were playing defense. This doesn't always happen in the NBA. Both teams were competing and it was a great game.

  • Cavaliers vs Warriors Christmas Game

    It is unnecessary for any professional team to play on Christmas. Everyone deserves the right to spend the time with their families in a stress free situation. Even if it is their job and they are paid very well for it the players children and family deserve to have them home to enjoy the day with.

  • NBA games on Christmas Day.

    The Basketball game on Christmas day was a Non-sequiter to many folks who would rather watch a Christmas related movie, television show, documentary, or special. The coverage was boring. The majority of the television viewing public do not care about Pro Basketball, nor any other sporting event being televised on a national holiday.

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