• The CIA was overly involved

    Yes, I believe that the CIA was overly involved with Chilean politics during the presidency of Salvador Allende. The CIA is overly involved with everything that they shouldn't be. There was no reason for them to even have intense involvement during that presidency of Salvador Allende. They should worry about what happens in this Country.

  • They obviously were

    It is actually pretty obvious now, in hind sight, that the CIA was very involved in Chilean politics during the latter half of the 20th century, just as they were in many countries throughout South America during the same time period. The Soviets were also trying to influence politics, and the CIA worked against this.

  • Yes, the CIA was involved with Chilean politics during the Allende presidency.

    I definitely think that the CIA was overly involved with Chilean politics during the presidency of Salvador Allende. I think that there is a lot of evidence to suggest that the CIA was responsible for a lot of the decisions and policies that Salvador Allende made during hit presidency and term.

  • Yes they were

    Yes the CIA was overly involved with the politics of Chilean politics. We were involved in the economic part of it and along with the political parts of their Government. America just can't stay out of other countries business we have to either go to war or we have to be over involved with the country.

  • CIA Admits Involvement in Chile

    The CIA is acknowledging for the first time
    the extent of its deep involvement in Chile, where it dealt with
    coup-plotters, false propagandists and assassins.

    The agency planned to post a declassified report required by
    Congress on its Web site today that admits CIA
    support for the 1970 kidnapping of Chile’s top general for refusing
    to use the Army to prevent the country’s congress from confirming
    the election of socialist Salvador Allende as president. The
    kidnapping failed, but Gen. Rene Schneider was shot and died two
    days later, the day Allende’s election was confirmed.

    The CIA admits prior knowledge of the plot that overthrew
    Allende three years later but denies direct involvement. The report
    says the agency had no idea that Allende would refuse safe passage
    with his palace under bombardment and apparently kill himself. He
    was found dead of gunshot wounds.

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