Was the civil war really fought over slavery?

Asked by: steffon66
  • But not racism

    The two are different. The stupidity of this country is just plain hilarious. We can't even get the two concepts right. Racism came to this country because settlers from Northern Europe brought those ideas. Slavery happened because that's what the elites in Africa and the Vatican wanted. Two different situations, two different circumstances.

    Yes Lincoln fought it over slavery but it was also imperialism. He couldn't care for non-whites and appointed Rowan Hinton Helper, a notorious racist.

  • I highly doubt that the people who gave us our moralities believe in them.

    I think slavery was just an excuse for war. The north was for slavery and their ancestors were for slavery and then one day they decide slavery is wrong and that its worth going to war over when they were just for slavery the day before? We all change at different speeds and we cant help that. If the north was so against slavery that they killed people for owning slaves then they should have killed themselves too because they had slave blood on their hands as well. It would be very hypocritical for the north to fight the south for something they used to do themselves just the other day. Slaves once deserved pain for something that happened before they were born and then they deserve to be treated as equals when no circumstances had chaged. I doubt that our leaders are as irrational as us about god and morality. The truth about morality is that there are many different ways you can build a morality. We can go by fairness, results, intent, results and intent etc. and the government uses all of them but not at the same time. My example would be manslaughter and murder. With manslaughter they are not judging the intent at all. They are judging the results and the intent was not evil at all. Its an accident that could happen to anyone just as easily that they are punished for. But an attempted murder case is judged by the intent and not the results as the person is still alive and often unharmed yet the criminal gets punished for it anyways. So they are very fickle when it comes to what constitutes evil in their opinions.

  • It was and a "civil war" and it was not about slavery

    What many call the "Civil War" was actually and officially named "The War Between the States" by the US government. The war was fought between the United States of America and the Confederate States of America -- two completely different nations. Each side had their own government, currency, military, laws, etc. The war in fact was the result of several states choosing to secede from the union because of the tyranny and corruption of the US government. Secession was and still is allowed and provided for in the US Constitution. President Lincoln actually did not care about the issue of slavery. His sole purpose in fighting the Confederacy was to keep them in the Union. And his only reason for wanting them as part of the Union was because of the money they provided via taxes. You see, at the time cotton was king. A lot of money was being made in the south and the US government was exacting heavy taxes on that wealth. Without that income, the rest of the Union would be in dire trouble financially. The war was fought over money by the north and for freedom by the south. Incidentally, slavery existed in the northern United States as well as the southern Confederate States. Slavery actually ended in the southern states after the war but continued in the northern states for many years later. Neither was the war about racism as there were slaves of every ethnic group -- including whites. Neither were all slave owners white. In 1860 South Carolina, the largest slave holder was a black plantation owner named William Ellison. During the War Between the States, both blacks and a large number of Native Americans fought in the Confederate military. Many blacks fought for the Union but very few Native Americans did because they very much distrusted the United States. After all the US government had wiped out many tribes and forced the remainder onto reservations. A big distinction between the Union military and the Confederate military was that in the Confederacy, slaves who fought for the south were automatically granted freedom and ate, slept, worked and fought along side of whites in fully integrated units. Not so in the Union, where they had separate white units and colored units -- like was seen in the movie "Glory", starring Morgan Freeman and Matthew Broderick. No, the war was not over slavery.

  • No it wasn't

    The Civil War was actually fought over freedom. The Civil War was started because the south realized that being a part of the country sucks, and they didn't want any part in it because now there's more people telling them what they can and can't do. So the war was about breaking off from the U.S. and reclaiming freedom.

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