Was the count of Libyan civil war casualties elevated by inaction in the international community?

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  • Libyan Civil War

    I personally think that the international community has affected so many people as well as their families during the Libyan civil war. I personally think that the Libyan civil war put a damper on the international community which it caused the economy and society to go through it and having to deal with it has caused the lives' of other people.

  • No the Libyan civil war had devastating casualties

    There is nothing to be gained by exaggerating casualties it only makes this look worse in the eyes of the public. International affairs getting involved would be based more around something preventive in order to not let this happen in the first place. The numbers that are reported symbolizes the movement and corruption surrounding what those people are fighting for.

  • No, internatioal inaction saved lives.

    If international action had been taken in Libya, more lives would have been lost on both sides. In fact, in a war torn country such as that, it is not common for either side to give up until all is lost. This would have resulted in a lot more deaths. Sometimes countries need to work their own problems out, and there is nothing the world can do.

  • It could be worse

    The Libyan civil war could have been far worse than it was, and the position that international action needed to be taken to ignore a serious humanitarian crisis was largely overblown. Its strange that there was a serious push for Libya, a classic enemy, as opposed to any of the myriad of real crisises in the world.

  • We couldn't help.

    No, the count of the Libyan civil war casualties were not elevated by inaction in the international community, because there was not much that the international could have done. The fighting in Libya was not very organized. Had the international community tried to establish a presence, it only would have resulted in great loss of life.

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