Was the deak Secretary Chuck Hagel made to free captive Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl a good idea?

  • It's scary how real effective propaganda is.

    The posters on the no side have really been watching too much conservative talk shows. Ironically it's the same people who say that airport security and anti-terrorism laws have gone too far. Watch something other than (here it comes) FOX news, and no, the MANY news shows offered by FOX are not distinct sources of news. Watching bimbo's talk about news who have had no prior work experience in journalism and right wing pundits like O'Rielly and Hannity, then trying to form an opinion is a recipe for disaster. If a network like CNN, FOX, or MSNBC is brought up daily in conversation about how bad it is, maybe stop watching? Or look into why there's a public outcry about how biased the organization is.

  • It was a good idea

    Yes, I think that the deak Secretary Chuck Hagel was right in taking this action, because nothing is really clear about Sgt. Bowe Berghdal's case and he should preserve the right to be judged fairly by a competent court, and does not represent a real danger to community, that's what I think,

  • We all have to bring our soldiers home.

    No matter how Bergdahl, got home, he was still a solider that was sent to war anyway, that left his family, regardless of the fact, he still needed to come home, our soldiers are sent over seas, and we don't know what may happen, so either way, he deserved to come home, maybe he was a little hot headed and thought he could defeat, and battle on his own, but these are the chances you take when you are sent to war against your will.

  • The Cost vs. The Benefit

    So, we traded 5 HIGH LEVEL Taliban commanders for 1 Army deserter? It is true that we need to rescue American soldiers and bring them home, but identifying the cost/gain ratio of this matter, the decision was not a good one. The Cost: 5 high level Taliban officials, who are supposed to stay in Qatar for one year (where many overseas oil companies employ American citizens). The Benefit: 1 American soldier who is a potential deserter and is willing to talk to the enemy. We could have let out fewer Taliban leaders in exchange because 5 is an outrageous cost. This analysis proves a bad decision.

  • The Bergdahl Deal was a Disgrace

    The Bergdahl deal was horrible, 5 high level terrorists for a potential deserter. We should not be making deals like these with terrorists. Especially given that Bergdahl left his post and went willingly to speak with the enemy. If any of these terroists attacks Americans in the future, it is the OBama administration's fault.

  • Let out murders for one man

    He chose to let out 5 men,who are murders. We got back a man, who left on his own in the first place. People lost their lives for his choice to abandon the army base and his fellow man. I am sorry but he would not have been held captive for 5 years if he had never left the base. This has the president written all over it.

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