• Yes, I believe the death of French Oil company Total's CEO was suspicious

    Yes, I believe the death of French Oil company Total's CEO was suspicious as there is no reason for a snow plow to drive into a plane. Whether the driver was truly drunk or not, the impact that it would have taken to kill the people on board the aircraft is something that in my opinion would have to be intentional.

  • Yes, the death of CEO Christophe de Margerie was suspicious.

    The Russian investigative committee have found that the driver of the snow plow was intoxicated. In most cases; if one of the drivers involved in an incident is intoxicated then the alleged accident is considered suspicious. If the driver was found to be driving in accordance to the law then Margerie's death would be considered an accident.

  • No, the death of French oil company Total's CEO was not suspicious.

    Any time someone famous, important, or otherwise highly conspicuous dies, it's natural to question how and why they died, and whether in fact there wasn't some foul play involved. After all, these are the kind of people most likely to have made mortal enemies. Sometimes, though, an unexpected death is just a case of bad luck, as is the case with the Total CEO.

  • French CEO dies in Moscow in plane crash with snowplow operated by drunk driver

    The death of Christophe de Margerie was the result of a drunk Russian snow plow driver on a runway in Moscow. The snow plow collided with the airplane which then engulfed in flames killing are four people on board. The landing gear of the plane caught the snow plow during take-off.

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