• Hellz to the yes!

    Both parties agreed to the terms of the debate. Both parties had the same amount of time to prepare for the debate. Both parties are adults. As an adult, they know that they are supposed to be prepared so when one fails so obviously it is not out of fairness but a lack of skill and being prepared. If I choose to go against a pro-quarter back like say Russell Wilson or Cam Newton, I would not think it was unfair that they kicked the crap out of my over weight broke butt!

  • Old Chinese proverb:

    Don't enter a battle of wits when you're only half armed. Poor Donald is clearly way out of his depth. An abysmal record in business doesn't make one a prime candidate as a national leader, and an inability to control his own tongue doesn't make a him worthy of the role of a diplomat on the world stage. God help America if he wins, but it could sure be fun to watch.

  • No, it was not a fair fight.

    The debate was not fair at all, but what can one expect when you take the least qualified candidate for presidency in the history of the office and pair him with a woman who's served as secretary of state? Hillary obviously had the advantage of experience and first-hand knowledge on her side, but if you can't run with the big dogs, you really should stay on the porch.

  • No, it seems it is not.

    Circumstances have forced Clinton into this freakish situation, and she fears and detests it with every cell in her body. She is on an unwanted and nightmarish battlefield upon which she must fight this Goliath not only for personal victory but also for all women of the world. By contrast, warrior extraordinaire Donald Trump is fully in his element at this moment and is thoroughly enjoying every aspect of the fray. One could argue that he is enjoying it too much and must be constantly reined in by campaign manager Kellyanne Conway and his current inner circle of advisers. But make no mistake, Trump is loving every moment this adventure of a lifetime, and I contend that he is the healthier and the happier for it.

  • No, the debate between Clinton and Trump was not a fair fight.

    No, the debate between Clinton and Trump was not a fair fight because Clinton is obviously more prepared to be president. It would be like pitting Obama against a high school president in a debate on leadership. Clearly one has more experience than the other, and the outcome was obvious.

  • No, televised debates are inherently biased due to media intervantion.

    No, the debate between presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was not a fair fight. First of all, each candidate receive a tremendous amount of financial support from donors that is used to run a slew of advertisements discrediting their opponents and swaying public perception and dictating the content of the debate. The network broadcasting the debate is also motivated by its ratings, and is more inclined to skew the format and function of the debate to boost ratings than actually give each candidate a fair chance to express his or her opinions.

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