Was the Democratic National Convention a success for Barack Obama?

  • Obama crushed the convention

    Unfortunately some leaders werent lucky whn it came to executing conversions eg Denver conversion was a flip flop, but there you have team Obama executing it to the best of his ability, the motion was a success due to the media coverage and followers. To me it was nothing but a success. Well done Obama

  • Yes Obama and crew crushed it

    The Democratic National Convention was a major win for the left wing.

    So many of the speeches had had viewership and were very well received. Joe Biden, Michelle Obama, Barack Obama and of course Bill Cliton who took the convention to another level.

    The Democrats on top of the ticket and down ballot all benefited from the better of the two conventions.

  • The Democratic National Convention a success for Barack Obama

    We don't know yet what kind of bump President Obama will get out of the Democratic Convention. But we do know that the GOP convention didn't help former Gov. Mitt Romney much. A new Gallup Poll indicates that Mitt Romney got as much bounce out of Tampa as he would have got with a brick-filled basketball. My guess is that compelling convention speeches by Michelle Obama, former President Bill Clinton, and President Barack Obama will break the deadlock and give the president a boost in the national surveys that come out in the next few days.

  • Bill Clinton Rallied the Troops

    Bill Clinton cinched the deal for Barack Obama in Charlotte in early September. Although not as rousing as the Denver convention four years ago, the former president rallied the troops to the cause and may have pushed North Carolina closer to an Obama victory due to the convention. It takes 270 electoral votes to win, but every state counts. The Democrats' gathering in North Carolina may have cleared the way for a second term in addition to Clinton's speech. Obama certainly did better among his own party than Mitt Romney did in making his case to Republicans.

  • Promises not fulfilled.

    For those that agreed Obama's convention was a success, I have a question. Obama constantly stands on the podium and promises, I'm going to do this, and that. He's been in office four years! Numbers don't lie! We are the biggest state. Texas, we support you Mitt!

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