Was the digital television conversion in the U.S. a conspiracy by the television industry to make more money?

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  • No largescale evil

    People love to imagine huge corporations or bodies that are evil, set out to do harm. There was no conspiracy here to make tons of money - just government incompetence and lobbying by said industries to make money. While this seems contradictory, its not, since lobbying is a public act (so by definition not a cospiracy).

  • Just new tecnology

    I think that the switch to digital television conversion was more for the sake of the new technology then for the money. Technology increases so rapidly that there needed to be some point where we needed to upgrade the level of TVs along with it. It was not a big plot to make money.

  • The digital television conversion in the U.S. was not a conspiracy.

    The conversion to digital television in America was not a conspiracy. Many other countries also have digital television, and America wanted to keep with them technologically. It is common knowledge that technology advances every few years, and this new form of television was a necessary upgrade. Conspiracy theories are too common.

  • Digital Moves Us Forward

    The digital television conversion wasn't a conspiracy by the entertainment industry. It was simply the U.S. government making sure new technology could be used to make room for another bandwidth on television's original broadcast channels. When technology expands, older stuff can be reused for other purposes such as more Internet technologies or more communications. The digital conversion probably got more units sold and more satellite provider subscriptions, but it wasn't a conspiracy. The government is making way for new technology to run on the old towers.

  • It was not.

    The digital TV conversion in the United States of America was not a conspiracy by the TV industry to make more money. People need to keep up with technology, and it is not up to the industry to make sure they support outdated technology. This was done to make people get with the times.

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