• Yes, during most of his presidency

    The economy was definitely better under George W. Bush than it is under Obama. Although, the economic recession was just beginning to happen at the end of his presidency. Therefore, it is not really fair to say that the poor economy was caused by Obama. Bush got out just before things got really bad.

  • Yes better under Bush

    During obama a lot of jobs went overseas, The little bit of factory work we had completely disappeared, People lost homes under obama, People lost a lot more jobs, Everything under obama was terrible no one wanted to invest in out country knowing that we owe so many countries money, off topics but race relations were also almost completely mended under Bush, Obama ruined every facet of AMERICA and it was his plan all along to weaken us, Id go so far as to say if you voted for obongo then you are traitor, Especially if you voted for him in 2012.

  • Yes the economy was better under George W. Bush

    Yes, I think that there is strong evidence to suggest that we had a better economy during George W. Bush's Presidency that we currently have under Obama's. When W. Bush was President, there was lower unemployment, fewer people on food stamps, and most importantly significantly lower gas prices and these have gotten worse with President Obama.

  • Obama is ignorant.

    President Barack Hussain Obama has drove our county into the ground over the past four and a half years. Under President George Bush, this country had an act of terror committed against it. In my opinion, George Bush built this country back up after the attack and we were on the up and up until Obama was elected. If this act of terror happened under Obama the blame game would immediately start and American casualties would be turned into a political charade. Mr. Obama has made the United States a more weak and vulnerable country and he is a detriment to the great nation that we know and love.

  • No question, the economy was better under Bush.

    Under Obama it has been growing at an average of less than half the rate of growth under Bush, unemployment is about 3 percent higher, gasoline is roughly twice as expensive, and the federal debt has more than doubled. The only reason that this question can be seriously asked is that the media have been soft-pedaling the issue under Obama from Day One.

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