• The economy played a powerful part.

    The economy was to blame for Pierre Trudeau's defeat in 1979. Although this man was incredibly popular, the economy has a stronger pull than any personality. He was defeated because of this reason. Although he was later elected again, it can't be said enough that people will vote for what is going on with their wallet no matter who they like.

  • Along with his arrogance.

    Yes, the economy was to blame for Pierre Trudeau's defeat in 1979, because the economy was not in great shape at that time. People were also concerned with the growing national debt. A lot of people thought Trudeau had an arrogance about him that was unbecoming. All of these things contributed to his defeat in 1979.

  • Yes, it was.

    Pierre Trudeau's defeat in 1979 absolutely did have to do with the economy. When it comes to elections in most western nations, the economy and quality of life for people is usually what comes first. Jobs, wages, etc. Under Trudeau, everything was slipping and Canada was in a very large rut.

  • Partially to Blame

    Pierre Trudeau's defeat in 1979 is most commonly tied to the bad economy of the time. Others would also point out to a growing national debt and a general sense of antipathy toward him. I believe this is common when the same person has been in power for an extended amount of time.

  • It was not.

    The economy was not to blame for Pierre Trudeau's defeat in 1979. There was many factors that when into Pierre Trudeau's defeat, but the economy was not a factor. Most of the time, the economy is never a factor in the defeat of anyone and that includes Pierre Trudeau's defeat.

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