Was the English empire more like the Romans (yes) or the Vikings (no)?

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  • Depends on the wording to the question, but it was a Germanic region

    The "English" migrated westward from the Angeln Peninsula following the collapse of the Western Roman Empire. They were part of a mass migration westward of almost all Europe. The Island was depopulated by plague and starvation until this migration replenished the human population in the area. These groups were ethnically Jutes, Angles, Saxons, and other groups, all of them Germanic.

    These Angles and Saxons eventually displaced the native British politically, and so the Eastern portion of the Island became known as "Angle-land," and it's residents spoke a polyglot dialect called "Angleish." Saxony, populated by the Saxons, was South, and the British were forced towards the West. The Picts remained in the area of Northumbria.

    This lasted through the "Dark Ages," and into the 7 kingdoms era. After this period, The Danes took political control of the Island for the next period, followed by the British under Alfred the Great. France had a large influence on English history until the Island became something closer to the Medieval "England" that we might recognize.

    The "British" natives who existed on the Island before the Viking and German migrationary period were more "Roman," and the Saxons, Angles and Jutes that took over later were slightly more "Viking," or Germanic. The Danes (Danelaw) were absolutely Viking, but Alfred represented a return to British dominance.

    So it's like that.

  • They are a mixture of Germans and Vikings

    The Anglo Saxons conquered England. The Anglo Saxons were German tribes. Many English is a Germanic language. The people who lived in England originally either died or moved more up north and became the Welsh and the Scottish. After a few century the English were attacked by vikings who mated with these Anglo Saxons. The the William the Conquer who was Norman, who was from Normandy conquered England. The Normans are not French they were vikings who settled in France.

  • Nazi Germany was more like the Romans

    Yes for Romans, no for Vikings. The atrocities, brutality of English colonialists was akin to that of the Vikings. Everywhere England went they looted, pillage and terrorized the people they conquered. I don't remember the Romans ever even doing something like this. They weren't even an empire at first. They were a republic. At most they never even became an empire, but a dictatorship, much like Nazi Germany. As for the Romans it was the Nazi regime that admire them, in addition to Mussolini. Hitler often admired the Roman and a lot of Nazism was based on wanting to be a third Roman Empire, after the Second, Holy Roman Empire. Hitler had Germanic people with a passion. He hated the Danes for stealing Schwelig from them, and he hated the English for WWI. The only country that was Nordic that Hitler loved, if you consider them Nordic, was Finland and Greenland.
    English military tactics were disturbing similar to Viking tactics. Plus the brutal racism in English colonies, the way the KKK operated was like that of the Vikings.

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